7 Strange Beauty Trends We Wish We Could Forget

Trends of all sorts, whether in beauty, fashion, music, or food act as cultural barometers. They create a snapshot of a society’s priorities, but just because a trend exists doesn’t mean you have to love it. Take the beauty industry, for example. Some things, like red lipstick and cat-eye eyeliner, were once trends and are now considered medicine-cabinet staples. And then there are some trends that veer into faux pas territory. Ultimately, a trend’s worth is in the eye of the beholder, but here are seven trends we wish we could forget.

1. Nail art

Actress Vanessa Hudgens

Actress Vanessa Hudgens sporting over-the-top nails. | LILLY LAWRENCE/Getty Images

You can find great art anywhere — at a museum, on your Instagram feed, and even in the way someone dresses. The one place we shouldn’t see art, however, is on your nails. Theoretically, adorning your nail beds with cute flowers, stars, and intricate patterns sounds like a good idea, but it’s not the best decision you can make at the nail salon. It doesn’t look professional, and if we’re being honest, nail art on anyone over 12 years old looks kitschy. Plus, it’ll look incredibly unpolished when the paint begins to chip.

For a more professional and sophisticated alternative, opt for a manicure in a single, bright hue. And while we’re on the topic of nail art, succulent nail art (yes, it’s a thing) and other avant-garde iterations are off limits, too.

2. 100 layer challenge

Makeup products and accessories

Please don’t clog up your pores doing this. | iStock.com/pogrebkov

On particularly difficult days, one layer of makeup may not suffice. But 100 layers? That’s where we draw the line. This year, videos of beauty bloggers and curious fanatics applying 100 layers of every mixture they’d normally use went viral, and though thousand of viewers may have enjoyed this trend, we’re still trying to figuring out why this trend even began. Not only is it incredibly time-consuming, but you’re wasting pounds of great makeup. Not to mention this trend is probably wreaking havoc on your skin. Do us — and we really mean yourself — a favor and stick to one layer of makeup, or two if it’s one of those days.

3. Glitter lips

lips with glitter

Are these not considered a choking hazard? | iStock.com/erikreis

While everyone from celebrities to models to beauty bloggers has sported glittery lips, this is one trend we hope doesn’t trickle down to the masses. Glitter lips would look great in a glossy fashion magazine, but where could you possibly wear them in real life? On a first date? To the office? To a black-tie event? We’re stumped. And since reapplying a normal lipstick can be challenging on a busy day, we can’t imagine this trend is easy to maintain. If you want to give your pout a pop of color, try your luck with a bright red lipstick.

4. Over-tweezing your brows

Woman Tweezing Her Eyebrows

Make sure your eyebrows give a good first impression. | iStock.com/angiii

As silly as it sounds, your eyebrows matter. Not only are a strong set of eyebrows the foundation for your face, but they’re also one of the first things someone will notice when meeting you. We believe in tweezing, waxing, or threading your brows every once in a while, but we discourage you from getting pencil-thin brows. A pair of skinny brows doesn’t look natural and they’ll make some of your facial features look larger. No thank you.

The next time you get your eyebrows done, ask your esthetician for a clean shape and natural thickness. Already have thin eyebrows? Enhance their natural shape with a brow pencil.

5. Dark lip liner

make-up artist contouring lips to model

Be careful with dark lip liner, it can cause a mess. | iStock.com/PavlovskiJenya

When used correctly, lip liner can be a great addition to your makeup bag. It can keep your lipstick from spreading and enhance your lips’ natural shape. If you use a shade too dark; however, a lip liner goes from being practical to a major faux pas. Truth be told, sporting a darker lip liner looks like you’ve never worn makeup before. Anyone who wants to use a lip liner should err on the side of caution and stick to one signature shade. That way, you’ll have only one lip liner that will work time after time.

6. Bright eye shadow

Girl with pink eyeshadow and violet lipstick

Bright eyeshadow just looks childish. | iStock.com/Alexa_Sh

We love experimenting with our makeup as much as the next beauty-obsessed woman, but the one thing you should avoid is bright eye shadow. Sure, we’ve all had our moments swiping on zany hues at a beauty counter, but we wouldn’t recommend buying one for everyday use. It looks outdated, unprofessional, and too attention-grabbing. Instead, try a smokey eye. Not only is it an incredibly sexy look, but it’ll also blend in nicely with the rest of your ensemble.

7. Skunk highlights

woman gets a new hair color

You should always consider this hair style out of style. | iStock.com/kzenon

Highlights are a great way to give your hair some dimension, but it’s important to keep yours looking as natural as possible. Skunk highlights, nearly platinum streaks on a dark mane, are anything but natural. Popular in the early 2000s, we can’t say this trend will go down in history as a stylish one. In hindsight, this type of  ‘do looks like someone forgot to highlight their locks. The next time you head over to the salon, select a highlight or lowlight color that’s a few shades different from your natural hair. The subtle contrast will look more polished.