Beard Balm: What It Is (and Why You Need It)

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The facial-hair-raising month of No Shave November and Movember is nearly upon us, and if you’re participating in the bearded fun, then it’s time to stock up on your grooming supplies. While shaving cream may be taking a back seat on the bathroom counter, beard balm should likely be front and center.

While it’s perhaps less popularly used than beard oil, beard balm is just as beneficial for its nourishing, hydrating, and protecting qualities. However, it also has an additional oomph factor, usually from the addition of beeswax or shea butter. So balms are even more well-suited for longer, thicker, or coarser whiskers. An instant flyaway tamer between trims, the product also softens the beard and gives it a noticeable healthy shine. It can even pull double-duty as a styling pomade for your facial mane.

The prime time to use a balm is directly after a shower, or while the beard is lightly damp. Rub the product between your fingers, and apply over your entire beard. While a little goes a long way, it’s important to try and imagine coating every hair for maximum effect. You’ll see the fruits of your balm labor almost instantly, although it’s important to use it regularly.

Here is a group of five balms that are nothing short of the bomb for your beard.

1. Beard Guyz Beard Balm 25

Source: Beard Guyz

Source: Beard Guyz

The recently launched Beard Guyz company has already stocked a beard balm within their product collection, naturally. Beard Balm 25 comes in two varieties, one for fine to medium hair and one for coarse hair, to suit every beard type. But both products pack an impressive blend of 25 conditioning butters, oils, and extracts — think tamanu oil for UV protection, acai butter for antioxidants, anti-aging macadamia seed oil, anti-inflammatory rhubarb extract, and matcha green tea butter to improve blood circulation to follicles, thus strengthening the hair. Talk about a superfood smoothie for your face. What’s more, the balm is quickly absorbed into the beard and skin and leaves no greasy feeling or residue.

2. Texas Beard Co. Beard Balm

Source: Texas Beard Co.

Source: Texas Beard Co.

This four-pack of all-natural Texas Beard Co. Beard Balm from the made-in-Texas brand has a scent for practically every mood, including a warming clove citrus, a fresh mint eucalyptus, a woodsy big thicket, and an unscented tumbleweed variety. But what really takes the cake is the combination of shea butter, cocoa butter, and coconut oil that helps keep hair healthy, strong, and manageable. Plus, Texas Beard Co.’s formula is whipped for a smooth, creamy consistency that the company likens to a mix of “margarine and meringue.” We also hear they have a limited-edition pumpkin-spice beard balm available for the season — in case any of you feel so inclined to add some festive spirit to your facial hair.

3. Brooklyn Grooming Classic Beard Balm

Source: Brooklyn Grooming

Source: Brooklyn Grooming

Brooklyn Grooming’s Classic Beard Balm is not only loaded with moisture-enhancing oils and grounding herbs, the non-comedogenic formula claims to improve the look and feel of facial hair while reintroducing moisture to hair follicles that can become dry as a side effect of daily face-washing. The signature Williamsburg fragrance promises to be a “contemporary reimagining of what a men’s fragrance should be” with woodsy cedar, bright ho wood, and a delicate, floral finish of ylang ylang. But there are other scents from which to choose, too, including a juniper-tinged Fort Greene and citrus-and-cardamom-spiked Red Hook.

4. Beard Balm

Source: Beard Balm

Source: Beard Balm

“Whether you’ve got just a little stubble, or if your venerable beard is long, like trailing moss hanging from the bough of some aged oak, Beard Balm will help each of your whiskers realize their full potential,” says Jon Koller of the Detroit-based Beard Balm. Sounds pretty good to us. His all-natural balm is made of grapeseed oil, coconut oil, lanolin, beeswax, lemon oil, eucalyptus oil, and geranium oil, acting as a leave-in conditioner to nourish and moisturize your beard with just a light hold. It stops dryness, split ends, tangles, and frizz, while bringing out your beard’s natural luster. And with original, heavy duty, and naked (unscented) varieties, the balm is a great solution, no matter your hair type.

5. Badrick’s Da Balm

Source: Badrick's

Source: Badrick’s

Head colds can be a pesky side effect of the fall season’s chilly temperatures — even more of a nuisance for all the bearded among you. If you’re under the weather and looking at a sick day, then check out Badrick’s Da Balm. Infused with antibacterial, antiviral tea tree oil, the balm keeps your beard disinfected while jojoba oil and shea butter keep it moisturized and de-frizzed. In fact, don’t just wait until you are sick to use Da Balm. It’s a great preventative treatment that not only keeps your beard looking handsome and healthy but could help ward off any nasty bugs from hanging in your facial hair and ruining your day.

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