Bored With Your Beard? Try These 4 Different Beard Styles

It’s true: Every month on the calendar has virtually become No Shave November, as beards continue to dominate the male facial landscape. Densely forested mugs are no longer relegated to the wilderness-minded mountain man, as everyone from bikers to business professionals are getting in touch with their bearded side and going from hairless to hirsute.

Plenty of male models and celebrities have been leading the facial hair charge, too, along with Instagram stars like The Gay Beards only increasing the hype by festooning their beards with all manners of baubles and floral and fruit — and the list goes on. If raspberries in your beard isn’t exactly your idea of a new style to try, check out these other options for inspiration.

1. Top knot (or man bun) and beard

a man with a bun wearing a leather jacket

Man bun and beard |

One of the new trends among the hirsute is to style both the beard and the hair in harmony. That said, there is no better way to kick off this list than to showcase the top knot and beard combo. Yes, it’s a bit, ahem, progressive. And it’s likely not appropriate for just anyone’s day at the office. But, should you want to channel that inner boho-buff and get in touch with your cool-kid, artistic side, then start growing those locks out. A “cleaner,” less shaggy way to wear this trend is with a trimmer beard and a more defined haircut shape; that way, you can still keep your 9 to 5 while topping off your weekend looks with an edge.

2. Thick beard

a man with a beard

A thick beard |

If you’ve been genetically gifted with a good chin of hair, then you might as well let it show. Grow it out and show it all off; you’ll have many a fellow wishing he could have half of your beard. The trick here is to keep all that thickness impeccably groomed and shaped, as this style can easily go wild and woolly in no time flat. Side note: You also have the perfect beard for decorations, but save those for a silly holiday party when it’s okay to hang glittery ornaments on your chin.

3. Business beard

a man with a beard

Business beard |

You could also call this style a short beard, but expect to see more and more of the “business beard” around, especially as hirsuteness becomes more and more common around the conference table. The short length makes it both smart and rugged yet far more versatile for your lifestyle — and it’s more palatable for even the most anti-beard bosses. An added bonus? It’s easier to care for than longer styles.

4. Stubble

young attractive man looking at himself in mirror

A man with stubble |

While it’s not technically a “new” beard style, stubble is back — and it’s looking better than ever. No longer the sloppy consequence of missing a morning shave, stubble is just as much of an art as any other beard style. Its undercurrent of sexiness is undeniable, but it also provides a suitable solution for those who cannot grow a fuller beard for whatever reason. For the best look, use the lines created by your bone structure to help guide where you want to keep the stubble to create shadow and definition for your face.

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