Believe the Legend of Old Spice’s Dirt Destroyer

Disclosure: This article and the accompanying video were created and sponsored by Old Spice.

Old Spice pitchman Bob Giovanni is here to share the stink-scrubbing power of the new Old Spice Hardest Working Collection’s Dirt Destroyer body wash, truly delivering Legendary Protection for Legendary Men.

To confidently stand behind the Hardest Working Collection’s preeminent performance credentials, and with no regard for odor’s dumb feelings, Old Spice is going back to the brand’s performance roots and relaunching its 1-800-PROVE-IT money-back guarantee. If consumers use the Hardest Working Collection and the products do not sufficiently drop-kick dirt and odor, they can call 1-800-PROVE-IT for information on how to receive a full refund.

Flex your finger muscles, and check out the Old Spice YouTube page for more of their latest #smellegendary videos!