The 5 Best Dressed Guys at the 2017 Golden Globes

2. Donald Glover

Donald Glover in a brown suit

Actor Donald Glover attends the 74th Annual Golden Globe Awards | Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

Truth be told, everything about a brown velvet suit paired with an oversized purple bow tie sounds like a fashion faux pas waiting to happen. But for whatever reason, when Donald Glover wears this combination, it works. His new show Atlanta won big at the Globes and he’s slowly but surely becoming a household name. Maybe it’s the sheer confidence he has to even take these bigger fashion risks in the first place or maybe it’s the stark contrast against a sea of black tuxedos, but Glover looked really cool in this Gucci suit. The dark purple hue complemented the brown nicely. We applaud Glover for this sartorial risk and wish more guys did the same.

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