The Most Fashionable Models of All Time (and How to Dress Like Them)

Over the years, a model’s influence has spread beyond the confines of the catwalk. We compulsively follow them on social media, know the ins and outs of their personal lives, and want to dress just like them. While some models save the fashion fanfare for the runway, others have off-duty looks that are just as stylish as the ones they wear to work. Below, we rounded up the five best-dressed models of all time — and how to dress just like them.

1. Twiggy

British fashion model Twiggy (born Lesley Hornby) modeling a felt cloche hat

British fashion model Twiggy is a style icon. | Keystone Features/Getty Images

As a model, it’s important to be able to pull off a variety of fashion-forward outfits; however, having a signature look off duty can cement their place as a fashion icon. Case in point: Twiggy. With her pixie cut, lengthy lashes, and preppy threads, Twiggy is the epitome of mod fashion. Whether dressed in a micro-mini frock or a relaxed sweater and pants, this model manages to be sexy, feminine, and polished at the same time. Want to copy her look? Stick to the more structured pieces in your wardrobe, whether that’s an A-line skirt or crisp trousers. For example, pair a cute shift dress with some up-to-there boots and tie your hair back in a sleek ponytail. Oh, and while you’re at it, don’t forget to coat your lashes with some volumizing mascara.

2. Linda Evangelista

Supermodel Linda Evangelista poses for photographers to launch London Fashion Week

Supermodel Linda Evangelista poses for photographers. | MJ Kim/Getty Images

By definition, models are chameleons, and perhaps no model is as versatile as Linda Evangelista. Ever since her reign in the ’90s, Evangelista has experimented with every look in the book, from minimalist to romantic to tomboy. And let’s not forget her hair. Blonde, brunette, or red head, you can rely on Evangelista for making a statement. To channel this model, throw out the sartorial rule book. She’s all about experimenting, so spice up your beauty routine and try a bevy of different looks. After all, isn’t that what being a style icon is all about?

3. Kate Moss

Kate Moss attends the Christian Dior show as part of the Paris Fashion Week

Kate Moss attends the Christian Dior show. | Vanni Bassetti/Getty Images

Of course, no roundup of most stylish supermodels would be complete without mentioning Kate Moss. The model, who was discovered when she was just 14 years old, has this perfectly imperfect, minimalist aesthetic that tons of style mavens look to for inspiration. In short, Moss’s outfits defined ’90s style. From a dainty slip to outrageous leopard jacket, everything she wears is edgy and slightly undone. Anyone who wants to copy Moss’s style must follow this rule: Don’t take your outfits so seriously. Looking a little messy is key here, so spritz a texturizing spray to your polished blowout, add a silk scarf to a simple button-down and jeans, and throw on an outrageous jacket to spice up an otherwise safe look. Trust us, everyone’s going to love your new effortless ensembles.

4. Naomi Campbell

British model Naomi Campbell (C) stands next to her mother Valerie Morris and former Israeli president Shimon Peres

British model Naomi Campbell always looks stunning. | Jack Guez/AFP/Getty Images

If you want some fashion inspiration that’s suitable for the office, have a look at Naomi Campbell. While she’s worn her fair share of casual T-shirt and jeans combinations and some serious statement outfits, her recent affinity for sharp blazers, skirts, and dresses has caught our attention. Paired with some power heels, these sleek pieces can easily transition from the boardroom to the bar, which is perfect for any modern woman on the go. To give this supermodel’s look a try, invest in versatile separates in rich fabrics — you’ll get a lot of mileage out of a black pencil skirt and leather jacket.

5. Kendall Jenner

Kendall Jenner kicks off the launch of The Estee Edit By Estee Lauder

Kendall Jenner rocks her own style. | Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images

Between her campaigns with popular brands like Estée Lauder and Fendi and her maintaining her social media presence, Kendall Jenner is everywhere — and street style blogs are no exception. That’s right, her borrowed-from-the-boys outfits receive just as much hype as the clothes she wears on the catwalk. While the model has a penchant for high-waisted jeans and masculine bomber jackets, she always gives her outfits a sexy flair by adding a navel-baring crop top or see-through shirt. If you’re looking to copy Jenner’s look, trying pairing some skinny jeans and white sneakers with a tight turtleneck. Add a choker and some aviators, and you have the perfect outfit for running errands or grabbing brunch with your friends.