12 Best Emoji Keyboards for Your Phone or Computer

Everbody loves emoji. Whether you’re tapping out a message on your iPhone, on your Android tablet, or even on your laptop, most conversations can benefit from the addition of an emoji or two. Some people like to replace lots of words in their messages with emoji, while others simply add an emoji at the beginning or the end of a message to emphasize a point or illustrate their mood. Whatever your emoji style, there’s an emoji keyboard that will make messaging easier on your phone or computer. Read on to check out our favorites.

1. Dango

Dango is an emoji assistant for Android. This emoji keyboard will appear in your favorite messaging app, and will help you to quickly find the emoji, stickers, and GIFs that you want to send to your friends. Dango actually learns to understand what you’re typing through deep learning. Its predictions are powered by a neural network, which understands subtle references and jokes and can express things that aren’t illustrated by a single emoji.

2. Emoji Assistant

Emoji Assistant Chrome extension

Emoji Assistant Chrome extension | Github.com

If you need an emoji keyboard for use on your computer, check out Emoji Assistant. It’s a Chrome extension that automatically suggests emoji when you’re writing on the web. The assistant will show up when you’re typing in text input boxes, text areas, and content editable fields, and will enable you to choose emoji from a dropdown menu so that you can always express the right sentiment.

3. Emoji Type

Emoji Type - best emoji keyboard

Emoji Type | Emojitype.co

The Emoji Type emoji keyboard is an iOS keyboard that automatically suggests emoji as you type. You can either use Emoji Type as your everyday keyboard in apps like Messages, WhatsApp, Twitter, Instagram, and Snapchat, or switch to it “whenever you need ultra fast emoji search.” (You’ll just need to tap the globe key to switch keyboards.) This keyboard is designed to feel just like iOS’s native keyboard, and includes all of the accents, special characters, punctuation, and special keys you’re familiar with.

4. Emoji plugin for Spotlight

Emoji for Spotlight - best emoji keyboard

Emoji for Spotlight | Flashlight.nateparrott.com

If you’re a Mac user looking for an easy way to use emoji on your computer, we have a solution for you. The Emoji plugin for Spotlight isn’t strictly an emoji keyboard, but gives you an easy way to search and copy emoji right from Spotlight search. To install the Emoji plugin, you’ll first need to download and install Flashlight, an app that enables you to use all kinds of plugins that add functionality to Spotlight search.

5. Emojifi Keyboard

Emojifi keyboard - best emoji keyboard

Emojifi keyboard | iTunes.apple.com

The Emojifi Keyboard is the perfect emoji keyboard for users who don’t want to send a single message without emoji. This iOS keyboard offers both live prediction of emojis and “emojificaiton” to turn text into emoji. Emoji suggestions will appear in a bar for you to select, or the keyboard can highlight all the “emojifiable words,” which you can then tap to select the appropriate emoji. You can also manually tag words to specific emoji to customize the keyboard.

6. EmojiKey emoji keyboard

EmojiKey emoji keyboard

EmojiKey | iTunes.apple.com

The EmojiKey emoji keyboard for iOS is a system-wide keyboard that includes more than 1,500 emoji, emoticons, symbols, and pieces of word art. The keyboard includes a space bar, enter key, and backspace key to make it easy for you to format your emoji without switching back to another keyboard. You can also personalize the keyboard with 15 different themes, and you can use the six different categories to easily find what you need or organize a tab of your favorite emoji for easy access.

7. Emojimo Keyboard

Emojimo emoji keyboard

Emojimo | iTunes.apple.com

The Emojimo Keyboard is an emoji keyboard that turns the words you type into emoji instantly. If you’ve already written text with another keyboard, you can place the blinking cursor at the end of a sentence and hit the poop emoji button to convert all of the text into emoji. You can also add your own “emoji translations” to the keyboard so that it translates specific words or phrases into your specified sequence of emoji.

8. EmojiOne emoji keyboard

EmojiOne emoji keyboard

EmojiOne | Emojione.com

EmojiOne offers a Chrome extension for Mac, Windows, and Linux so that you can easily use your favorite emoji on your computer. With this Chrome extension, you can search, copy and paste, and auto-input emoji anywhere in Chrome. A diversity selector makes it easy to browse and insert emoji of the right skin tone, and the extension will save your most recently-used emoji at the top for easy access.

9. Minuum

Minuum Keyboard - best emoji keyboard

Minuum keyboard | Minuum.com

The Minuum keyboard isn’t strictly an emoji keyboard, but is an iOS and Android keyboard that enables you to type faster, see more of the screen, take control of autocorrect, and get suggestions for which emoji to use in your messages. Minuum claims to be “the most customizable smart keyboard on the app store.” So in addition to finding emoji for you, the keyboard makes it easy for you to type with one hand, customize the interface to fit your style, and type faster with gestures, autocorrect, and a customizable dictionary.

10. Rocket

Rocket emoji keyboard

Rocket emoji keyboard | Matthewpalmer.net

Rocket puts Slack-style emoji anywhere on your Mac. You can use trigger keys — like a colon, semicolon, or plus sign — to activate Rocket and add emoji or GIFs. Additionally, you can add custom GIFs and images to Rocket, which makes it easy to find exactly the right illustration for any message you’re sending from your Mac.

11. Swiftmoji

Swiftmoji emoji keyboard

Swiftmoji | Swiftmoji.com

The Swiftmoji emoji keyboard for Android or iOS promises to “up your emoji game.” It’s a free keyboard that gives you emoji suggestions based on what you’ve typed. That makes it fast and easy to find the emoji you want, and also enables you to be more creative and use emoji you’d forgotten about. Additionally, the app will offer you inspiration when you know that you want to add an emoji to your message, but aren’t sure which one you need.

12. Swype

Swype emoji keyboard

Swype emoji keyboard | Swype.com

Swype is an Android and iOS keyboard that purports to be “the most accurate keyboard on the planet.” You can type or swipe to input text, and you can take advantage of an emoji keyboard with hundreds of emoji and intelligent emoji support. The keyboard can predict what you’re going to type, enables you to quickly enter capital letters and punctuation, and lets you add or remove words from your personal dictionary.

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