Users Say These Are the Best Google Doodle Games Ever

You can’t believe everything you see online, but this is as close to an absolute truth as you’ll find: The Google doodle games are fun and insanely creative.

If you don’t know what a Google doodle is, look a little more closely the next time you do an online search. Instead of the usual blue, red, green, and yellow color combination in Google’s logo, you’ll see special logo pop up.

The doodles celebrate everything from lunar eclipses to Amelia Earhart’s birthday to the opening day of soccer’s World Cup tournament.

Google founders Sergey Brin (L) and Larry Page pose for photographers prior to presenting their new Google Print product at the Frankfurt Book Fair

Google founders Sergey Brin (left) and Larry Page created the first doodle in 1998. | John MacDougall/AFP/Getty Images

The first Google doodle, created by co-founders Sergey Brin and Larry Page before they got super rich appeared in 1998. Since then a team of programmers and engineers have made more than 2,000 doodles, but some are more memorable than others.

The best Google doodle games ever

Google ramped up its doodle game in 2000, but a lot of the best ones have come since 2010. Take a look.

1. Pac-Man 30th anniversary, May 21, 2010

Get frustrated hunting ghosts all over again in Google’s version of the classic arcade game Pac-Man.

2. Robert Moog’s 78th birthday, May 23, 2012

Make music with some unique tones with a virtual Moog synthesizer.

3. Free throw contest, Aug. 8, 2012

It’s like a Pop-a-Shot for your keyboard, and it’s as close as you’ll probably get to being a basketball legend.

4. Slalom canoe, Aug. 9, 2012

Navigate raging rapids, hit your checkpoints, and see how fast you can get through the canoe course.

5. Mother’s Day 2013, May 12, 2013

This doodle helps you create a special gift for your mom on Mother’s Day.

6. Doctor Who 50th anniversary, Nov. 23, 2013

You can choose to play as any Doctor as you try to avoid one of the Daleks.

7. 100 years of crossword puzzles, Dec. 21, 2013

If the New York Times’ Sunday puzzle isn’t enough for you, then tackle this celebration of the crossword puzzle.

8. 155th anniversary of the Pony Express

Delivering the mail on horseback has never been so much fun.

9. Rubik’s Cube, May 19, 2014

Whether it’s the real or virtual world, the Rubik’s cube is still confounding.

10. Eiji Tsuburaya’s 114th birthday, July 7, 2015

Create a monster movie in the vein of Godzilla creator Eiji Tsuburaya.

11. Cat Wizard, Oct. 31, 2016

You can waste the better part of the day pretending to be the feline version of Harry Potter.

12. Valentine’s Day, Feb. 11, 2017

Google’s 2017 Valentine’s Day doodles started Feb. 11 and went until Feb. 14 and let you help the endangered Pangolin roll to get its mail.

13. The 44th anniversary of hip-hop’s debut, Aug. 11, 2017

This is probably the most interactive Google doodle ever. With your choice of backing tracks, you can make your own hip-hop DJ mix.

Google apps on an Android smartphone

Playing games is just one thing you can do with Google software. |

In addition to the doodles, it’s fun to see what the most common questions everyone plugs into the search engine. Even though all those Google games have given us plenty of enjoyment, we still have to remind you of a few unsavory things.

You have to be careful when you use Google

First, just because the Google homepage can help you find anything doesn’t mean you should feel free to search for everything. You should never look up anything questionable (such as how to make a bomb) or personal, such as medical issues.

Also, Google’s data collection is more sneaky than you realize. It tracks what you search for, where you’ve been, what you buy, and what you watch on YouTube to build a personal profile.

Finally, while the story behind Google is fascinating, just remember the company is monitoring what you do online in order to take over the world.

We’ll still enjoy the Google doodles, but maybe we’ll do so in incognito mode.

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