Best Head Gear for Your Dome: 5 Accessories for the Outdoorsman

There are lots of available options for guys who like to don accessories on their heads. From sporty sunglasses to must-have hats, here are some of our favorite accessories for guys who love to be outside.

1. Aviator Hat by Canada Goose

aviator hat

Source: Canada Goose

A statement piece that needs no introduction, the Aviator Hat is a turn-of-the-century pilot style cap with modern-day durability. There’s no going cold with this bomber hat, and no going unnoticed, either. For the coldest of days cruising downtown or sipping cider by the outdoor fire pit, this hat is one of a kind — pure unapologetic luxury.

2. Regime Sunglasses by Under Armour


Source: Under Armour

Though you may not immediately associate Under Armour with great eyewear, the fitness brand powerhouse has an impressive line of sunglasses, ranging from sporty and athletic to sleek and stylish. Striking a good balance of style with ease, the Regime Sunglasses are a great addition to any eyewear collection, without having to sacrifice your outdoorsy style.

3. Buff


Source: Buff

From cold weather protection in the snow, to warm weather UV protection in the sun, a Buff is an essential for any type of guy. Buffs can be worn in dozens of ways and during a wide array of activities. Sport a half buff as a headband while playing beach volleyball, or slip an original Buff around your neck for a day shredding the slopes.

4. Billboard Trucker Hat by Mountain Khakis

trucker hat

Source: Mountain Khakis

For many men, a hat can be a source of identity — a calling card with which his peers associate him. Love it or hate it, a hat often acts as a security blanket for a grown man. If you’re one of those guys who can’t leave the house without his favorite head accessory, the Billboard Trucker Cap is definitely a rugged favorite.

5. Strapvisor by Kavu


Source: Kavu

Let’s face it: Not everyone can (successfully) pull off a visor. But for those who can, the Strapvisor is a great accessory to have in your collection of headwear. Guys with a full head of hair who need a little protection from the sun consider Kavu’s Strapvisor an absolute staple. So, let those luscious locks flow. There’s no need to suppress that mountain man shine – or dirty, sandy grit – any longer.

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