Best Holiday Gifts: 10 Perfect Presents for Parents

Holiday Gift Guide Revised

Ever since your first round of the holiday circuit, your parents have been vastly responsible for making this season the most magic time of year. Your mom endlessly hunted the mall for that action figure you had to have, and your dad most likely dressed up as Santa Claus a few years. And while those classroom-made macaroni frames made all their hard work worth it, you’ve been meaning to treat them to an exceptionally spectacular present. So let’s think beyond a gift card to their favorite restaurant (though we’re sure they’d appreciate that, too), shall we? Read on for 10 stylish presents your mom and dad will love.

1. Some R&R for mom and dad


Source: Neiman Marcus

No matter how many times your parents insist that you were an angelic child, raising kids is not easy work. Besides the typical maternal and paternal tasks — carpooling, chores, and providing you with a solid moral compass — don’t forget that they had jobs, relationships, and personal obligations to tend to. Now that you no longer require diapers and having someone spoon-feed you, take this holiday season to treat them to a gift that screams luxury: plush robes.

Whether they slip into this pick after a long day or save it for only the fanciest occasions, a robe of this variety just oozes relaxing vibes. This hooded iteration from Hanro for your mom is undeniably divine while your dad will go crazy for this one from London-based brand Derek Rose. And after all these years, the dreamy white hue won’t be tainted with mushed tomatoes or paint from your middle school science project.

2. The parental seal of approval


Source: Neiman Marcus

In the age of emails and text messages, the only physical mail you receive includes spam flyers from that new car wash in town and notes from your parents. No matter the event, they’ll send you a card: birthdays, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Veteran’s Day, Rosh Hashana, Easter, a random Wednesday, and the list goes on. For your greeting-card-o-phile parents, consider this address embosser the Holy Grail of gifts. Logging in up to 24 characters per line, this nifty gift is a lifesaver for those who are serial card senders. After all, who has time to write the return address over and over again when there are so many thoughtful letters to be written? Even when they’re not using this, its sleek silver shape will look super cool on a desk.

3. Gift your mom the fountain of youth

Source: Saks Fifth Avenue

Growing old with your parents has its shares of pros and cons. On the one hand, you develop a connection with your folks that’s far deeper than coordinating the soccer carpool. The downside? Hearing them lament about how old they are.”I’m getting so old,” your mom tells you every chance she gets. “Look at my skin! It’s not what it used to be.”

For the mother who constantly lusts after her youthful looks, it’s time to bring in the gifting guns. Though a little pricey for this tiny bottle, La Mer’s Renewal Oil combines collagen-boosting ingredients with the brand’s Miracle Broth to help repair and soften skin. The result? Smooth and youthful-looking surface. Mother will be so pleased.

4. Make father-son time a stylish and sporty affair


Source: Saks Fifth Avenue

For most father-son duos, quality time is spent partaking in “masculine” activities: fishing, watching the big game, and indulging in a niche, craft beer. But just because your bonding sessions skew manly doesn’t mean they can’t be stylish. While surprising him with a ritzy golf club set may not be in your budget, this charming golf ball case is a great alternative. The zip leather pouch comes with three golf balls and two birchwood tees, so its totally worth the price tag. And even if he’s not out putting with you, your dad will look superior and suave in front of all his golfing friends.

5. Kodak moments, welcome to the future


Source: Amazon

You remember everything from your childhood. Sure, you may have an above-par memory; however, you’re pretty sure that you can attribute your lengthy knowledge of your diaper days to your parents photographing every moment of your life. Not like that’s a bad thing — you have so many Instagram options for #throwbackthursday. But there’s a good chance that your parents are still using film-filled cameras. To keep the memories coming, and to introduce your parents to the digital age, give them a high-tech camera. This sleek model from Samsung boasts a front and back screen, because you’ll also need to teach your folks the art of selfies.

6. Serve up a stiff one for ma and pa

Tom Dixon

Source: Saks Fifth Avenue

Every set of parents handle empty nester syndrome — aka what happens when you and your siblings move out of the house — differently. While some will spend their days looking through old photo albums and reminiscing about the days when you were a wee child, others consider it an act two: They travel, host parties regularly, and finally treat themselves to expensive (and slightly impractical) items. If your folks are the latter, treat them to an ultra-sleek cocktail shaker. Made from copper-plated stainless steel, this pick courtesy of Tom Dixon is perfect for all their soirees and doubles as a contemporary piece of art when idle. Lavish but extremely practical? A gifting win-win.

7. Turn obligatory family time into game night


Source: Bloomingdale’s

Not everyone is close with their parents, which can make coming home for the holidays a real drag. For some, that mandatory parent time turns into dad asking when you’re getting a promotion (“who knows”) and mom nagging you about finding “a nice girl to settle down with” (“don’t get me started…”). Instead of spending your holiday resenting your folks, kill two birds with one very fun stone. This vintage game set, currently available at Bloomingdale’s, is a cute and affordable gift that will bring the family together. With a set of dice, pick-up sticks, a deck of cards, and a yo-yo, the family fun is virtually endless. As an added bonus, your parents will be so “in the zone” that they’ll probably forget to interrogate you with those questions.

8. Calling all culturati

Source: Amazon

You know your parents are major culture buffs if you spent most of your adolescence in museums or at the theater (or if you knew the difference between Dega and da Vinci before you could tie your shoes). Getting them a one-of-a-kind piece of art is unlikely and challenging; however, securing a posh art book only requires a few swipes and clicks. With the Museum of Modern Art’s retrospective on display, consider this book on Picasso’s sculptures both topical and perfect for your art snob parents. If your parents are in the New York City metropolitan area, top this gift off with two tickets to the MoMA exhibit, which runs through February 7, 2016.

9. Bring back TV dinners

amazon fire stick

Source: Amazon

No matter how close the bond is, most families have a common interest (besides being related, of course) that brings them together. Some enjoy sports while others may spend hours talking about celebrity gossip. For the family that bonds over Empire, Homeland, and Game of Thrones, there is no better present than the Amazon Fire TV Stick. With twice the memory capacity of the Chromecast, this stick is a cord-free way to bring Netflix, HBO Go, and Amazon Video to the big screen. And if your parents are already advanced enough to cut the cords, this pick also has Sling TV capabilities that will sync up with your favorite cable channels. The gift that keeps on giving? We sure think so.

10. Tray for two

bloomies tray

Source: Bloomingdale’s

“Oh you don’t need to get me anything,” your parents reply every year when you ask them what they’d like for the holidays. Sure, you don’t need to give them a present, but what kind of child would you be if you showed up to your holiday gathering empty-handed? For when your parents are hard to shop for and aren’t giving you any hints, a pretty dining tray is a great option. This shagreen option from Bloomingdale’s is versatile enough to blend in with any interior, plus it’ll be equally chic whether it’s used for breakfast in bed or as an accent piece on their coffee table.

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