5 Best Leggings You Can Buy for Under $20

Leggings have marched their way right into many a female’s daily fashion vocabulary. They’re cool, comfortable, easy, and can often be stylistically maneuvered to match up with practically anything in an ensemble. Wear them with heels and a beautifully draped top and you are cocktail party ready; strip away the shoes and add a tank top and sports bra and you’re all set for yoga practice.

With a wealth of options out there, you may be thinking you have to spend an arm and a leg (or two) to get a good pair of leggings — you can, but you certainly don’t have to do so. We’ve rounded out the best pairs that a $20 bill can buy, and we think you’ll find at least a few styles on this list to love.

1. ASOS High Waisted 2 Pack Leggings – $14.84

Asos leggings

Leggings by ASOS are chic and affordable. | ASOS

You get two pairs in this pack, which makes them well worth the under $20 price tag. These basic black, stretch jersey leggings are high waisted and perfect for running errands on the weekend or lounging — they’re exactly what you need as a staple in your wardrobe. They have a close-cut, bodycon fit to highlight your assets, too. For just a little over $14, you’re getting a major steal. 

2. Victoria’s Secret PINK Lounge Legging – $19.50

Victoria's Secret leggings

These leggings are fantastic. | Victoria’s Secret

You love Victoria’s Secret for the brand’s lingerie, and you’ll likely fall for their PINK Lounge Leggings just as hard. Available in black or dark gray, they’re soft, fashionable, and perfect for layering — no matter if you’re lounging around at home, hitting the gym, or heading out with friends. We love that they are both sporty and chic at the same time.

3. American Apparel Shiny Nylon Tricot Leggings – $17


You’ll love the color of these leggings. | American Apparel

Sometimes you just need a pair of leggings that are anything but basic. American Apparel has the right fit with a range of style options in a kaleidoscope of colors. Practical though they may not be, there is no denying the fun factor of these shiny nylon tricot leggings that will amp up any outfit with a punch of personality. We love all the bright colors, but be aware only some are available for $17. If you’re not a neon fan, no need to worry. These leggings come in a more neutralized palette, too, including black.

4. Land’s End School Uniform Leggings – $20


You can wear these leggings anywhere. | Land’s End

From that business meeting to the backyard barbecue, and maybe the occasional school playground, these School Uniform leggings from Land’s End pass the test with flying colors. Blended with a densely-knit, soft cotton jersey and with nearly twice as much spandex as other leggings, they keep their shape (no sagging allowed!) and they have a great fit with lasting quality — all at a price that simply cannot be beat. The navy and heather gray colors provide some additional variety from the standard black, which is also available.

5. Dancewear Velvet Ankle-Length Leggings – $14.99

velvet leggings, women's fashion

Love velvet? Try these leggings. | Dancewear Solutions

You may have never thought you needed a velvet pair of leggings, but these Dancewear Solutions ankle-length beauties will change your mind faster than you can do a plié. They’re luxe and lustrous in true black or black cherry hues, and they boast a bit of comfortable stretch, too. So, whether you’re channeling your inner dancer at the barre or hanging out with friends at that other bar, these leggings will accentuate your every move.

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