5 of the Best Men’s Personal Stylist Services

Do you ever wish you were the kind of man who could just look dapper every day, but can’t even match his socks to his pants? Or do you love to look stylish, but you’d rather be subjected to a Real Housewives marathon than go to the mall? Perhaps you’re just too busy to shop. Well, there is a solution to all of these problems in the form of subscription stylist services. From what to wear for the boardroom to brunch, at any budget, here are the five of the best options out there. While each service is a little different in terms of the merchandise they carry as well as their return policies, price, etc., all of them offer free shipping both ways.

1. Frank & Oak

stylish man,

A stylish man who probably works with a stylist service | Source: iStock

Frank & Oak is a Canadian retailer that has several brick-and-mortar locations, pop-up shops, and a thriving online business. The retailer’s program Elevate simplifies shopping in a simple and economical way. [Update, 4/19/2016: A previous version of this article referred to the program as Hunt Club. It has been updated to reflect that it’s now called Elevate.]

For just $20 a year (with a 90-day free trial), it will curate a monthly box for you based on your personal tastes and budget. As a bonus, you’ll receive 5% cash back in store credit on every purchase you make. Frank & Oak offers a large range of stylish clothes appropriate for a variety of occasions, which are both high in style and low in price.

2. Bomb Fell

Bombfell clothes

Bombfell clothing box | Source: Bombfell via facebook

Bombfell is the right service for men who have trouble finding the right clothes for their body type. Its very tailored questionnaire (no pun intended) asks for your height, weight, body shape, fit preferences (relaxed or trim), and what stores — from H&M to J. Crew — you are already a fan of. They also ask you additional questions of major stylistic importance, such as if you would ever wear skinny jeans. Forty-eight hours before your package is set to ship, Bomb Fell sends you an email preview so you can nay or yay its selections and save a potential trip to the post office. Another bonus of this club is that it’s free to join and you are never charged more than retail for any item.

3. Trunk Club

Trunk Club stands out from the crowd because in addition to offering an online subscription model, it offers in-person services at its clubhouses in several cities, including Chicago, D.C., Dallas, New York, and Los Angeles. There’s also a Charleston outpost in the works. In person, you have the opportunity to meet with a personal stylist and try on clothes from the over seventy brands it currently carries. If that doesn’t entice you enough, there’s a full bar, so you can come for booze and stay for the clothes. If you do not live near any of its locations, the online Trunk Club also offers a truly personalized experience with an opportunity to preview the clothes your stylist chooses for you before they are sent.

4. The Mr. Collection

Mr. Collection clothes

The Mr. Collection | Source: The Mr. Collection via Facebook

Are you a commitment phobic? Then the Mr. Collection might be right for you. This service allows you to rent or buy the threads they send you, at up to 40% of retail prices. There are three plans to choose from, and the monthly price is often less than $50. If there is something you want to keep (and you probably will), you just let Mr. Collection know via email, the company responds with a price, and it’s yours to keep forever.

5. Five Four Club

Five Four Club is one of the best values on this list. For only $60 a month, you receive a box of clothes worth twice as much. Like Frank & Oak, Five Four Club only sells its own brand. If you want to purchase additional outfits from its website, members get a 25% discount. Most of the clothing is casual, so this is a better choice for weekend wear and causal Fridays.

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