5 of the Best Men’s Stores on Etsy

Are you bored of shopping at the same old stores or want to buy someone else (or yourself) a unique gift that is either hand-made or vintage? Then all you need to do is go to Etsy, an untapped resource for unique menswear, vintage items, and artisanal products. Here are five men’s stores that are dude approved.

1. Mini-Fab

Bearded man receiving a hair cut

Bearded man receiving a hair cut | iStock.com

Mini-Fab is a whole lot of fab. This store sells personalized gifts that are handmade and super manly, such as straight razors, beard combs, shaving brushes, cufflinks, and pocketknives as well as a variety of other specialized products. Mini-Fab is also a dream for groomsmen gifts.

One of the best gifts (although there are so many) from Mini-Fab is the shaving set complete with a brush, blades, and soap. The Double Edge Safety Razor is a great old school way to shave. Don’t forget to pick up a personalized beard comb for an extra special touch.

2. 4-rth Yoga Clothing

Man performing yoga pose in shorts

Man performing yoga pose in shorts | iStock.com

4-rth Yoga Clothing is designed by Douglas Donahue, a former private banker who left his job to fulfill his passion for making sustainable and stylish, yet functional yoga clothing. While most yoga lines are really geared toward women, 4-rth has very thoughtfully designed pieces for men at reasonable prices.

Handmade, the knee-length shorts are the kind of garment every man will be down (dog) for. Available in a variety of colors, these soft shorts are made of modal, cotton and beech wood chips. This fabric is antimicrobial and moisture wicking. With large exterior pockets that can fit 2-3 tennis balls, these shorts can serve more than one purpose (no pun intended).

The form-Fit Crossover Hoodie is another great item. This zip-up sweatshirt is designed and handmade in Los Angeles of modal, organic cotton and beech wood chips. Soft and comfortable, it is also moisture wicking and antimicrobial. This hoodie is perfect for everything from asanas to errands or even to get your cardio on.

3. Endless Alley Vintage

Man wearing a vintage suit and glasses

Man wearing a vintage suit and glasses | iStock.com

Do you wish you could dress like it’s 1969 or 89? If so, then Endless Alley is right up your alley. This great vintage shop has a variety of one-of-a-kind finds. Their merchandise runs the gamut from 70’s overcoats to lighter sport coats that could have belonged to your grandfather. Well-curated, there are endless choices from Endless Alley. Because they only sell vintage clothing, the inventory is constantly changing.

4. Whiskey Ink & Lace

Man holding aftershave while touching his face

Man holding aftershave while touching his face | iStock.com

Whiskey Ink & Lace might sound like a country group, but it is actually a line of artisanal handcrafted grooming products.

If you like beard oil, their Bbeard oil sampler is sure to impress. It comes with 11 different scents all of which are cleverly named including The Duke, The Viking, The Gent, The Pirate and The Wise. All scents are made from essential oils, as opposed to artificial fragrances or chemicals. The all-natural oils are formulated from a blend of sweet almond, avocado and Argan oils, so this product is sure to soften even the coarsest whiskers. Whiskey, Ink & Lace also has a nice variety of related grooming products including beard balm and aftershave. If you can’t resist everything, check out the gift sets.

5. Project Repat

Drawer full of unwanted clothes

Drawer full of unwanted clothes | iStock.com

You know that huge pile of t-shirts you have lying around or in storage, which you can’t wear, but can’t quite part with? Project Repat has the solution for you. They will upcycle your old shirts, back them with polar fleece and make a quilt or pillow out of them. You can use your quilt to stay warm, or better yet, decorate the walls of your man cave.