The 5 Best Online Clothing Stores for Short Men

Let’s face it: The measure of a man has nothing to do with his height; but we want to help you wear your shorter height (whatever it may be) in style. And while the big and tall boys seem to have a few more retail options readily available for their beyond average frames, the guys on the opposite end of the height spectrum may have to look a bit harder to find the right fit. After all, there is no “petite” section for men at the store.

Lucky for you, we’ve taken the guesswork out of finding your next outfit with a collection of online retailers that specifically cater to America’s male population who is 5’8″ or shorter.

So, ditch those embarrassingly long shirttails, un-tuck your properly fitted shirt, and skip those regular visits to the tailor to hem your pants and re-sculpt your suits. Here are some of the best places to shop if you’re on the shorter side.

1. Peter Manning NY

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Peter  Manning clothes are designed for shorter men | Source: Peter Manning NYC

One of the most comprehensive online collections of menswear for the shorter gentleman, Peter Manning NYC is dedicated to designing clothes that are properly proportioned for those who are 5’8″and under. Standing at 5’8″ himself, the company’s namesake founder is personally aware of the challenges faced by the “not so tall” guy. Even as a teenager, Peter Manning felt the sartorial drawbacks of his height when he wanted to wear bell bottoms that wouldn’t be bell bottoms anymore after they were shortened.

Bell bottoms may not be part of the sartorial mix at Peter Manning NYC, but mix-and-match suiting, everyday and weekend shirts, active wear, and outerwear are all up for grabs. Pants and jeans are available with inseams ranging from 26 inches to 30 inches plus a modest rise and proper ankle openings. Shorts have a 7-inch inseam. The best part is that there is no tailoring needed; these clothes go from online showroom rack to your next sports bar visit in no time flat. Manning has completely erased what he calls the “tailor tax” for the shorter set of the population who have generally been forced to pay an additional price to have all of their clothes remade to fit properly.

2. Jax Everett

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Man wearing Jax Everett | Source: Jax Everett

Tailored to fit men 5’9” and under, Jax Everett has no shortage of tops for the modern man’s lifestyle. The collection of premium dress shirts, sport shirts, sweaters, and T-shirts celebrates this truly redefined staple for the shorter gentleman. The company has literally gone to extreme measures by measuring men from across the country to design clothing that eliminates the fit issues of averagely sized garments. No detail has been left unturned — from armhole size to shirt length, sleeve width, neck size, and shirt cuffs. Even the collar has been refined to avoid a wide neck look while creating the appearance of a longer neck.

3. Jaden Lam

Luxury clothing line Jaden Lam is specially designed for men 5’9” and under. The label’s namesake founder and designer launched his company to help men just like him (Jaden is 5’6”) find clothes that don’t compromise style or fit. Attention to detail is paramount in the tightly edited menswear collection of shirts, pants, and sweaters, which have all been designed to address the challenges faced by shorter men when shopping. For example, dress shirts feature slimmer shoulders, narrower collars, higher armholes and breast pockets, and tapered waists. The body lengths of the shirts are proportional and allow for the shirts to be tucked or un-tucked without excessive fabric. Short-rise pants have modern flat fronts, shallower front and back pockets, and shorter inseams than those typically found hanging in department stores while ties are narrower in width and just the right length for more compact frames.

4. Silas Jackson

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Man modeling a Silas Jackson shirt | Source: Silas Jackson

Relative newcomer Silas Jackson has already made a name for itself with shirts designed specifically to flatter men who are 5’8” and under. The cool thing about these button-downs and polos is that each style is available in either a slim fit or a classic fit, along with five different sizes, which means that shorter men of all builds can find the best, most appropriate look. The company’s direct-to-consumer model also keeps prices quite accessible.

5. Ash & Anvil

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Men wearing Ash & Anvil attire | Source: Ash & Anvil

They’re new kids on the block, but Ash & Anvil is already making waves with their everyday shirt, which is a casual button-down that can be worn at work, at play, and anywhere in between. Soon, they plan to launch T-shirts, knitwear, and pants as they pave the way to become a go-to lifestyle brand and community for shorter guys. Founders Steven Mazur (5’6”) and Eric Huang (5’8”) basically just responded to their own real-life need for a solid shirt at a good price; one that’s modern and practical for the younger generations of shorter men.

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