5 of the Best Organic Products for Your Hair and Body

Nature called — and a group of grooming brands has answered. Brushing off anything artificial and potentially harmful, these companies have really gone back to the basics, finding all-natural, plant-based ingredients to formulate some of the best organic products that are just as effective (if not more so) for your face, body, and hair.

After all, everything that you scrub on, rub in, and lather up, should be as chemical-free as the food you eat. So, embrace your inner tree-hugger and go au naturel with these grooming options that are good for you and for the environment.

1. Kent & Bond Small Batch Organics

Products from Kent and Bond

Products from Kent & Bond  | Kent & Bond

Kent & Bond is on a mission to bring men a craft-inspired grooming line that is directly from nature. Created for the rustic side of the refined gentleman, the American-made products use organic ingredients in the purest formulas that are likewise free of harmful toxins. They are simple by design, yet robust in function.

The brand’s bar soap, for example, goes way beyond the bar with organic body bricks that cleanse without stripping moisture including forest musk, activated charcoal pine, brisk peppermint, ultramarine, and sweet cedarwood. They’ve been aged like fine wine for three months and incorporate natural exfoliants such as chia seeds, ground juniper, sea salt, and pumice. Premium blend beard oils (refreshing basil mint and a crisp mandarin cedar) are highlighted by aloe vera to heal and care for the skin. Organic bentonite clay deodorant is all-natural and aluminum-free with organic tea tree extract providing a fresh wood scent while stopping odor.

What’s more, Kent & Bond is dedicated to giving back. The brand hopped aboard the “buy one, give one” concept and for every product purchased, a bar of soap is donated to someone in need.

2. Grown Alchemist

Beauty and hair products from Grown Alchemist

Beauty and hair products from Grown Alchemist | Grown Alchemist

Botanical beauty is at the core of Grown Alchemist, which was co-founded by Aussie brothers Keston and Jeremy Muijs. The eco-friendly skincare line incorporates certified natural peptides and organic botanical active ingredients to achieve the same anti-aging results as potentially harmful, synthetic-based products. The brand says its ingredient lists might read like a page in a chemistry book, but that’s all part of the magic. It comes down to biology, the Muijs say. The body recognizes the synergistic molecular structure of Grown Alchemist’s uniquely natural formulas and utilizes it effectively rather than rejecting artificial ingredients. With a robust offering of specialized skin, body, and hair products, there is a treatment for every type and condition — from cleansing and exfoliating to shaving, toning, and age repair.

3. RSVP Skin Care

Travel bag and products from RSVP Skin Care

Travel bag and products from RSVP Skin Care | RSVP Skin Care

Four regular guys who cared a bit more than the average Joe about the health and appearance of their skin launched the RSVP Skin Care collection of all-natural, green products made with more than 30 certified organic ingredients. One of the most popular potions is the Dragon’s Blood Foaming Cleanser, which is just as magical as it sounds. For centuries, the indigenous people of the Amazon region have turned to the “Dragon’s Blood” nectar that flows like real blood through the Croton Lechleri tree to heal a variety of skin ailments. The RSVP cleanser harnesses that healing power and combines it with cucumber, green tea, aloe vera, and lemon balm to deliver a remarkable product that protects, detoxifies, cleans, and heals skin. The RSVP line also includes hydrating green-tea moisturizers, anti-wrinkle creams and serums, shave creams, and lip balms.

4. Portland General Store

Beard oil sampler from Portland General Store

Beard oil sampler from Portland General Store | Portland General Store

An apothecary in Portland, Maine, Portland General Store trades in all-natural, vintage-inspired grooming essentials for men and women. Launched by a couple who moved away from New York in search of a more sustainable lifestyle, the goal for the company is simple: to offer men a one-stop shop for luxe grooming products that are well-designed and a good value, while remaining transparent about the ingredients that they use. All ingredients come from ethical sources, and the company is in the process of obtaining multiple certifications in cruelty-free and organic skincare.

The Face Bomb deep cleansing mud is a bestseller; the facial scrub is composed of rhassoul mud, a clay that’s mineral-rich and anti-bacterial, plus sandalwood essential oil, wild geranium, Damascus rose, and finely ground walnut shells for gentle exfoliation. Beard oils are infused with ginger, tobacco, and whiskey — acting virtually like cologne for your facial hair. Actual fragrances, on the other hand, are inspired by recipes that the owners found from the ’20s and ’30s. The small-batch blends of organic sugar cane alcohol and essential oils include a range of scents like Saltwater with notes of celery, citrus, clary sage, and musk plus Atlantic sea salt for an authentic, fresh twist.

5. Origins

Origins for Men aftershave

Origins for Men aftershave | Origins

Known mostly as a company geared toward women, Origins also has a line for men that maintains the same high-performance, natural skincare powered by nature and proven by science. So, expect to see the use of potent plants, organic ingredients, and 100% natural essential oils in the products specifically made for the guys.

You can expect high-quality moisturizers and cleansers, but also makeup. Ladies will love the anti-aging concealer that’s ophthalmologist approved. Meanwhile, guys can look to the Fire Fighter to extinguish the burn of shaving with soothing chamomile, cucumber, and winterbloom. There’s also an aptly named Easy Slider pre-shave oil with sesame and organic jojoba oils that you may want to consider.

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