5 Best Pieces of Athletic Swimwear for $60 or Less

4. Valleau Apparel Sunset top, $42

athletic swimswear

Sunset top | Source: Valleau Apparel

The best thing about the tops from Valleau Apparel is that they’re not just sports bras, although they are just as comfortable. If you’re a lover of any watersport or beachfront activity, the Sunset is for you. Combining support and functionality, without sacrificing style, the design is unique, sassy and intricate. Created and made in America, Valleau Apparel is perfect for your next beach volleyball match, and the Sunset is a style you’ll actually be excited to show off.

5. Roxy Love 2” Boardshorts, $29.50

Every beach babe needs a good pair of boardshorts to run around in during the summer, and few companies make styles that are cuter than Roxy’s. As the brand who totally gets the sporty girl lifestyle, Roxy delivers a favorite of ours with the Love 2” Boardshorts. A short short for girls who want to show off their sun-kissed stems, these shorts are the perfect accompaniment to your favorite surf top.

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