6 Best Polarized Sunglasses You Can Wear

Maybe you’re squinting your way through summer, or perhaps your pair of sunglasses is simply falling short. Regardless of the situation, put a stop to it now with a new pair of polarized shades that will cut through the glare, reduce eye fatigue, and extend UV protection. The best polarized sunglasses offer both form and function, with all the high-performance benefits in a stylish package.

Long popular among outdoor enthusiasts, polarized sunglasses contain a special filter that blocks the intense, horizontal light reflected from surfaces like a flat road or smooth water while also enhancing clarity. But now even the casual commuter has discovered the perks of polarization. After all, you don’t have to be fishing or hitting the slopes to get rid of the glare in your vision.

Check out these options that have it made in the shade.

1. Ray-Ban

polarized sunglasses

Aviator Gradient by Ray Ban | Source: Ray Ban

A classic among the ranks of stylish shades, Ray-Ban is tried and true. The brand has four main collections of polarized sunglasses to choose from including the Aviator, Wayfarer, Clubmaster, and Round. But other styles are up for grabs, too. Add with so many customization options, and you have a seemingly endless array of styles that will make it hard to just pick one or two. The sunglasses eliminate glare, increase visual clarity, reduce eye strain, and enhance contrast — plus that signature swagger.

2. Oakley

polarized sunglasses

Latch Square Prizm by Oakley | Source: Oakley

Speaking of options, Oakley is another go-to brand that fully delivers on polarized functionality that’s both performance-driven and lifestyle-designed. Perhaps best known for the wraparound, sport shades, Oakley also has a number of more traditional, trend-forward looks. Their HDPolarized lenses were developed with the elite athlete in mind to offer glare protection with uncompromising clarity, but the technology benefits everyone from elite athletes to fun-in-the-sun warriors. If you’re so inclined, there is an Olympic Team USA collection to really channel your inner gold medalist.

3. Maui Jim

polarized sunglasses

Wiki Wiki by Maui Jim | Source: Maui Jim

Inspired by the beaches of Maui that give the brand its name, Maui Jim takes standard polarized shades up a notch with its signature PolarizedPlus2 technology that goes beyond shielding the eyes from glare and harmful UV to enhance the world’s true colors in vivid detail — no matter where you are. We particularly love the range of colors. The Maui Rose, for example, has a subtle pink tint that’s perfect for fast-moving sports and the HCL Bronze is a good bet for varied, everyday wear. The Neutral Gray offers the highest available light reduction for super-bright sunlight while the Maui HT provides extra contrast and color for low-light situations and golf. The sunglasses also are scratch-resistant as well as oil- and water-proof to withstand any adventure.

4. Native Eyewear

polarized sunglasses

Flatirons by Native | Source: Native Eyewear

The core philosophy behind the Native performance eyewear brand is it’s made for lives that are too amazing to be seen through an ordinary lens. They certainly back up this idea, because the N3 lenses are far from ordinary. One of the most innovative and advanced polarized options available, the lenses block up to four times more infrared light than regular polarized lenses and offer extensive UV protection. However, because they also significantly reduce blue light and selectively filter, they offer high contrast, crisp definition, and peak visual clarity. Native has both high-performance styles and and trend-conscious everyday options to ensure no one has to see the world through ordinary glasses again.

5. Switch

polarized sunglasses

Stoke in olive stripe by Switch | Source: Switch

The Switch interchange sunwear line might just have you switching from your former sunglasses. They’re twofers in the best sense of the word. The exclusive Magnetic Interchange Lens System allows you to instantly swap lenses — say, from prescription ones to non-prescription. The high-energy magnets ensure the lenses stay firmly in place, and the polarized lens options won’t only increase your performance on the surf or slopes, they’ll also protect your eyes. Switch has a versatile collection of sporty and sleek full rim, semi-rim and rimless frames, so you’ll have plenty reason to, well, make the switch.

6. Kaenon

polarized sunglasses

Hard Kore by Kaenon | Source: Kaenon

A little sci-fi and high on style, Kaenon captures plenty of attention — and for good reason. The company introduced its proprietary SR-91 technology as the answer to the shortcomings of existing lens materials by offering razor-sharp clarity, 100% broad spectrum UV protection, and impact resistance in an ultra-lightweight, durable lens that provides complete glare elimination. The sunglasses are favored among athletes for their performance and lifestyle-ready look that’s appropriate both on and off the field. It’s basically everything you want in your shades, and nothing you don’t. No compromise necessary.

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