5 Best Ways to Freshen and Brighten Tired Skin

 One of the most horrible side effects of being an adult is the constant feeling that you haven’t gotten enough sleep. A wonderful side effect of not getting enough sleep as an adult, unlike when you were younger, is that your fatigue can quickly show up on your face. But rather than look tired constantly, you can wake your skin up, giving the appearance that you slept well. Here are five great ways to get your skin to rise and shine.

1. Try a caffeine infused facial product

Sleepy man

Here’s how you can wake up your tired skin. | iStock.com

Here’s the logic: If caffeine can wake you up when you drink it, then it must be great for waking your skin up as well, right? Yes. Besides giving you that morning kick you need, caffeine can wake up dull and tired skin by promoting better blood flow, making you appear younger and refreshed. It’s no wonder that a whole bunch of grooming products contain this magical stuff. It gives a whole new meaning to a double-shot to pick you up in the morning: One for your brain and one for your face. Try Juara Invigorating Coffee Scrub in the morning to slough off dead skins cells to promote a smooth and radiant texture. It contains rice bran oil, which conditions the skin and boosts firmness and elasticity.  Simply the smell of it will wake you up as well.

2. Store your morning products in the fridge

Man taking something out of the fridge

Put your moisturizer in the fridge the night before. | iStock.com

There’s nothing like the cold air hitting your face to wake you up. Plan ahead and place your facial moisturizer in the fridge just before you go to bed. It’s a very simple move that makes all the difference. Simply wash your face and reach for your cold and refreshing moisturizer. Doing this will instantly eliminate puffiness and bring some color to your cheeks. Trust us, it’s much better than dunking your head in ice water, which would have a similar yet jarring effect.

3. Use products with the following ingredients

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Ensure your products have the right ingredients. | iStock.com

If you’re not much of a coffee drinker, there are other ingredients in skincare products that can encourage blood flow to your face. Some of these extracts include: rosemary, ginseng, spearmint, and peppermint. When products with these ingredients are applied to your skin, skincare veteran Renée Rouleau told Refinery 29 that they can dilate blood vessels, allowing more “nutrient-rich” blood to coarse through. Beware though if you have very sensitive skin or have rosacea, in which case, steer clear.

4. Hang your head upside down

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Here’s an interesting trick. | iStock.com/Kuzmichstudio

And please do this before you eat or drink anything. Though it sounds kind of crazy, Rouleau also touted the great benefits to hanging upside down, whether you’re into yoga or not. Here’s why: It increases the flow of oxygen as well as the nutrient-rich blood to your face. The easiest way to do this is to simply hang your head over the side of your bed. Give it about three minutes (or rest in between), and you’ll soon notice a slight redness on the skin. Over time, doing this will help to improve your circulation.

5. Drink water!

A glass of water

Water helps everything. | iStock.com

Water is crucial to helping our skin look amazing. It not only helps to flush out toxins from our bodies, but it also helps to hydrate us. When you don’t drink it, your throat isn’t the only one crying out for help. According to WebMD, our skin helps to prevent excess fluid loss, so when your skin is dehydrated, it’s no surprise that it will start to look more wrinkled and dry. Reach for some water in the morning as soon as you wake up and don’t stop drinking it throughout the day.