3 Fantastic Ways to Wear a Black and Blue Color Combo

Staying on trend doesn’t have to be hard or expensive; it could be as simple as pairing the hottest colors together that already exist in your closet. The black and blue color combo looks great regardless of the occasion. You can start rocking this trend right away with ease.

1. For a formal occasion


A blue suit with black details is a great way to show off the color combo | Source: Nordstrom

If you are looking to make a subtle fashion statement, a black and navy color combo will do the trick. One formal occasion when you can put your best fashion foot forward is your wedding day. Many grooms want to make a splash on their big day just like the bride. This trend allows you to do just that without taking too much of the spotlight from the bride. Opting for a navy tux with black detailing is the perfect way to leave a lasting impression. The Hickey Freeman wool tuxedo is a perfect example of this trend. Something classic woven with something new and something blue is the styling of a groom that cares.

When trying to decide on the specific hue of blue, lean toward midnight, navy, or slate in order to stay on trend. This pairing manages to look very formal, but also fun. The same inspiration can be applied to a suit combination if you are seeking ideas for a formal event or cocktail party. Working within a specific budget or items within your closet can be done with a simple tie and handkerchief. Pair a navy suit with a black tie, a black pair of oxfords, and a black handkerchief for a personal touch.

2.Casual style inspiration


Blue pants are more interesting than black ones | Source: Nordstrom

Perhaps you are preparing for a date or a night out with friends? Try skipping your regular styling and mix it up. For a quick transition, go with a pair of chinos in navy matched with a black top. The Topman navy skinny fit suit trousers can be worn to work, and they cross over nicely for a night out with friends as well. You can match the skinny trousers or these Dockers pants with either a black button-down, black V-neck sweater, or black T-shirt. To complete the look, include a structured black blazer with minimal design.

3. Footwear


Your socks can make a statement, too | Source: Macy’s

If you prefer to stick with black shoes, but you’re still looking to make a statement with your footwear, style your shoes with a pair of socks in either midnight blue or navy. These striped socks from Tommy John include two different hues of blue, making more of a statement when paired with solid colored trousers. If stripes are too much of a bold approach, you can always go with a more subtle design like these Hugo Boss socks.

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