Bored? 10 Things to Search in Google for a Funny Response

New Google logo


Google may be your go-to when you need to find some information fast, but it’s also a great destination when you’re looking to have a little fun while procrastinating online. Read on for 10 search queries you should test Google on for a fun way to take a quick break and learn something interesting in the process.

1. “Fun fact”

Google Search 'fun fact'


As spotted by Amy Gesenhues at Search Engine Land, the latest addition to Google’s lineup of procrastination-inducing tricks is the query “fun fact.” When you search for “fun fact” on Google’s newly-redesigned search page, the search engine will reply with a dynamic answer box that contains a randomly-selected question and answer, along with a link to the original content where it found the information.

2. “I’m feeling curious”

Google Search 'I'm feeling curious'


When you click the “Ask Another Question” button that appears when you ask for a fun fact, Google returns a search for “I’m feeling curious.” That gives you another dynamic answer box with another random fact. You can also choose to Google “I’m feeling curious” on the first try, and the answer, conveniently, will also include the “Ask another question” button for an easy way to fall down the rabbit hole of random, fascinating information. (Other questions Google answered for me included “What plant does vanilla come from?”, “How long is the earth’s circumference?”, “Which country has the most camels in the world?”, and “Who were the first people to use money?”)

3. “I’m feeling stellar”

Google Search 'I'm feeling stellar'


A number of other fun options are available when you hover over the “I’m feeling lucky” button back on Google’s search page. The button automatically takes you to the first page returned for your query, which has some interesting results. If you click “I’m feeling stellar,” Google shows you a showcase page on Google Earth’s Explore feature. I got one on the Hubble Telescope’s images of the Star Cluster NGC 602.

4. “I’m feeling trendy”

Google Search 'I'm feeling trendy'


If you click “I’m feeling trendy,” Google takes you to the Google Trends page for the latest trending searches. From there, you can explore the top searches for the current day or the previous day, or even switch to exploring the trends in a different country.

5. “I’m feeling wonderful”

Google Search 'I'm feeling wonderful'


If you click “I’m feeling wonderful,” Google will take you to a Google Cultural Institute page on one of the world wonders. You can scroll through photos, explore the location on a map, or look at other locations, collections, and even user galleries.

6. “I’m feeling playful”

Google Search 'I'm feeling playful' Moog doodle


If you click “I’m feeling playful,” Google will take you to one of its fun, interactive doodles. I got a May 2012 doodle for the electronic analog Moog synthesizer. The page included not only the interactive doodle, but accompanying text complete with a diagram of the synthesizer’s parts and an explanation of the history behind it.

7. “I’m feeling puzzled”

Google Search 'I'm feeling puzzled'


If you click “I’m feeling puzzled,” Google will take you to its “a Google a day” page, with a puzzle for you to solve. In a fun role reversal, Google will ask you a question, and then you’ll use your search skills to find the answer.

8. “I’m feeling doodley”

Google Search 'I'm feeling doodley'



Clicking “I’m feeling playful” isn’t the only way to a trip down memory lane through Google’s doodle archive. If you click “I’m feeling doodley,” Google takes you to one of its archived doodles. Google took me back to a June 2012 doodle for Alan Turing’s 100th birthday — an impressive one that Google says took a record amount of user testing and iteration.

9. “I’m feeling generous”

Google Search 'I'm feeling generous'


If you click, “I’m feeling generous,” Google takes you to the page on its One Today app, which enables you to discover nonprofit projects, easily donate, and get your friends to match your donations.

10. “I’m feeling artistic”

Google Search 'I'm feeling artistic'


If you click, “I’m feeling artistic,” Google will select a page from its Art Project website, which is a platform where you can explore high-resolution images of pieces of artwork housed in a number of museums around the world.