Bored With a Plain Suit and Tie? Try These 3 Tie Trends

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Adding a little creative design to your regular suit and tie look can easily be achieved with a few necktie trends. Sure you have the basic tie in your closet, but are you stepping outside of your comfort zone to add a bit of variety to your wardrobe selection? Necktie trends are a great opportunity to mix things up with one small purchase! Below you will find a few trends to consider when you are looking to upgrade your look this season.

1. Traditional tie

A good old fashion tie can really upgrade any look, whether it’s a traditional suit or just a button down with slacks. This is a chance to experiment with taking fashion risks in a minimal way. Ties come in a wide array of patterns, textures, and colors and are a great way to add some personality to your wardrobe. So what’s hot when it comes to traditional ties? Woven wool and silk blend ties are perfect for this time of year. If you opt for a blend in a darker color, they are easier to weave into your wardrobe. Another great addition for this time of year is a Houndstooth tie. Fast forward to spring and include a seersucker or nautical embellished tie for a laid back feel.

2. Bow tie

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If you are not considering this option when putting a look together, you are totally missing out! There is something about a bow tie that offers a whimsical feel, which might help to bring out your personality in more ways than one. When trying to decide what bow tie works best, think about the occasion and the overall outfit. Bow ties come in several different textures offering more flexibility. That is you if you want to dabble in what’s trending. A knitted cashmere bow tie is a great addition for the winter season; stick to dark colors and try pairing with more colorful button downs like a light blue. Just like ties bow ties come in several patterns, making it easier to find the right one! You are no longer restricted to the the traditional black or solid color — now options include polka dots, plaid, stripes, and geometrical prints.

3. Ascot tie

This look is definitely for those that are not looking to conform to traditional necktie looks. In addition to the fabric and style, how you tie an ascot tie is key. Bare in mind this is a less popularized look, but simple enough to tie with a double knot that is secured with a pin. This look is getting more recognition with celebrities like Terrance Howard sporting an ascot tie in his hit show Empire. Typically an ascot is worn with a button down shirt having the collar opened in order to showcase the piece. Incorporating an ascot into your wardrobe should make sense otherwise it can come across looking too costume like or out of place. Consider the occasion and demographic before sporting one.

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