Bradley Cooper’s Hottest Formalwear Looks

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When one thinks of a modern day movie star who exudes sophistication and style, Bradley Cooper immediately comes to mind. In recent years, Cooper has joined the ranks of powerhouse style contenders and has made sartorial strides, taking his place among Hollywood’s best dressed. If there are two words that properly sum up Cooper’s style, they are “classic” and “tailored.” In other words, if you’re a man wanting to emulate perfect personal style, look no further than this Oscar nominee’s look.

Cooper’s own stylist, Ilaria Urbinati reveals his biggest style secret to Forbes:

I always explain this to my clients: Tailoring is not a perfect science. Sometimes it takes some further tweaks and adjustments, a second and sometimes even third fitting (especially if it’s for a big event) and a little patience. No tailor gets it right the first time every single time. The good tailor is the one who gets it right in the end every single time. It’s the final result that counts. Just make sure they aren’t charging you for the additional adjustments — it should all be included unless you yourself added a new request.

Here are our favorite formal attire looks of Cooper’s that you can easily emulate and tailor to fit your own style.

1. Suits and boots

Focusing on formalwear, Cooper doesn’t mind a bit of inter-occasion mixing. For example, he’s been seen wearing a slick charcoal, expertly tailored suit with designer boots, rather than a traditional pair of dress shoes. To avoid running the risk of a fashion faux pas, the boot must be perfectly chosen. D’Marge recommends a vintage leather boot in tan with metallic hardware, paired with a casual lilac shirt and striped tie. Cooper’s real boots are a pair of Red Wing’s Iron Rangers, which he paired with a two-piece suit for a “heritage-meets-hiker look.” Cooper is confident enough to not take himself too seriously. Fashion lesson learned.

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2. Blue velvet

blue velvet jacket

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A man who can pull off a blue velvet suit has a style worth emulating. Cooper is a chameleon with his suit types and cuts, always making sure that he wears the suit and not the other way around. Cooper wore a handsome blue velvet suit to the Tom Ford fashion show in London back in 2014, a vibrant suit with a light blue shirt and a lightly patterned black tie, the Daily Mail reported. This look was a stunning winner. The blue velvet suit is a great option to wear for holiday party season.

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3. Sockless

Bradley Cooper

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Posing for his GQ cover last year in head-to-toe Ralph Lauren, Cooper wore another perfectly tailored suit by Ralph Lauren Black Label with a pair of Ralph Lauren Oxfords — sans socks. This Italian-inspired look is perfect and streamlined. Consider this the artistic man’s answer to business attire. Thanks, Brad.

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