Bizarre Style Rules Every Member of the British Royal Family Must Follow

From the foods they can eat to the games they can (and can’t) play, the British royal family has a laundry list of rules they must follow. That said, some of their most important rules pertain to their wardrobe.

Ahead, we share some of the style rules every member of the British royal family must follow.

1. The queen must wear gloves at all times

Queen Elizabeth and Camilla the Duchess of Cornwall
You won’t see her at a public event without gloves. | Dan Kitwood/Getty Images

The queen does a lot of hand-shaking during the day. Therefore, she must wear short gloves for protection. Her gloves can either be crisp white or a dark leather that matches her purse. She reserves her long gloves for formal events.

2. Members of the British royal family can’t leave home without an all-black outfit

Kate Middleton black peacoat
You never know when something will happen. | Jack Tallis/iStock/Getty Images

When traveling abroad, member of the British royal family must make sure an all-black outfit is packed. This rule is set in place to ensure that should a sudden death occur, royal family members will be dressed accordingly while traveling back to London.

3. Clothing must send a clear message to the public

Prince William and Kate Middleton Helicopter
All of their outfits send a clear message. | Patrik Stollarz/AFP/Getty Images

The British royal family uses fashion to not only represent them, but send messages to the public. Therefore, an outfit can never be too ambiguous and should always send a clear message.

4. Prince George can’t wear pants

Prince William and George exit church
He’s stuck in shorts for the near future. | Andrew Matthews/AFP/Getty Images

As far as royal babies are concerned, they have dress codes, too. Prince George in particular must wear tailored shorts and high socks, never pants.

5. Casual clothing is a big no-no

Kate Middleton is wearing a white shirt, dark blazer, and patterned pants.
Even “dressed down” they’re still dressed up. | Arthur Edwards/Getty Images

Speaking of dress codes, members of the royal family must dress modestly. Which is why you rarely see them in casual clothing.

6. Hats must be worn to all formal daytime events

the british royal family in formal dress at a state function
Hats are a must. | Ben Pruchnie/Getty Images

When attending formal daytime events, all women must wear hats, or fascinators.

7. Once the clock strikes 6 p.m. the tiaras come out

Queen wearing a tiara
A regular old hat won’t due after 6. | Toby Melville/Pool/Getty Images

Hats may be an excellent accessory for formal daytime events, but they won’t make the cut in the evening. For formal events after 6 p.m., women in the royal family swap their hats for tiaras.

8. Tiaras are reserved for married women

Kate Middleton Wedding
Kate got to wear a tiara for her wedding. | Ben Stansall/AFP/Getty Images

Not everyone gets a tiara at formal evening events. Tiaras are reserved for married women only.

9. There are rules for how the tiara should be angled, too

Queen Elizabeth II
There is a certain angle to be followed. | Sean Gallup/Getty Images

Tiaras come with a whole set of rules of their own. Including, how they should be worn. As far as tiara placement is concerned, angle is key. Traditionally worn on the front of the head, tiaras are now angled towards the back of the head at a 45-degree angle.

10. No one is allowed to wear fur

The queen has some explaining to do. | Ben Stansall/Getty Images

During the 12th century, King Edward III banned members of the royal family from wearing fur. And while the rule still technically stands, it’s been broken many times over.

11. The queen must always wear bright, monochromatic outfits

Queen Elizabeth in Germany
Her hat and jacket match perfectly. | John MacDougall/AFP/Getty Images

If you take a look at the queen’s fashion choices, you’ll notice that she’s always in a bright-colored monochromatic outfit. No, it’s not because her favorite color is hot pink. It’s to ensure that she stands out in a crowd.

12. The queen uses her purse as a way to communicate to staff

Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Phillip
Her purse tells a story. | Andrew Milligan – WPA Pool /Getty Images

Fashion rules aren’t just set in place for members of the royal family, they’re there for staff members, too. The queen uses her purse to send subtle signals to staff members. Case in point: If she moves her handbag from her left art to her right, it sends a message to staff that she’s ready to end a conversation.

13. She also uses it to end dinner

Queen Elizabeth toasts with champagne
She’ll use her purse to end a dinner. | Lewis Whyld /WPA Pool/Getty Images

In addition to asking for assistance in ending a conversation, the queen also uses her handbag to signal that dinner is over. As soon as she places it on the table, dinner must end within five minutes.

14. ‘White tie’ is as fancy as it gets

Kate Middleton and Prince William in Paris
White tie is as fancy as it gets. | Eric Feferberg/AFP/Getty Image

The British royal family attends a number of fancy events. That said, black tie isn’t their most formal occasion — white tie is. For white-tie events, women must wear floor-length gowns, tiaras, and honors, if they have them. Men wear a white tie, dress shirt and tailcoat. However, the Knights of the Garter (which includes Prince Philip, Prince Charles, and Prince William) must add a Garter, Garter Riband, and Garter Star to their ensemble.

15. No cleavage

Princess Diana
She would cover herself with her clutch. | Eric Feferberg/AFP/Getty Images

Another fashion rule the British royal family must follow? No cleavage. That said, Princess Diana was known to show lower necklines from time-to-time. To avoid showering her cleavage, she would place her clutch over her chest when climbing out of the car.

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