5 Things to Look for When Buying Athletic Shoes

Today, sneakers can be worn just about anywhere and are not limited to just the gym or going for an outdoor run. With the number of different styles that are now available, there are a multitude of options out there. First you need to determine what is the purpose of the athletic shoe. Are you looking for new pair of sneakers to update your wardrobe or hit the gym? Below are five things to consider when looking for an athletic shoe.

1. Fit

Athletic shoes

Your athletic shoes need to be properly fitted. | iStock.com

One of the most important things to consider is whether this is a fashionable or functional purpose. Shoes should feel comfortable initially and not need to be broken in. An uncomfortable fit can lead to shin splints or aching heels. Knowing certain characteristics of your feet like having a high arch or having flat fleet will help you narrow down the selection process.

2. Style

Cool shoes and socks

Do you know what kind of style you want? | iStock.com

Ideally your gym sneakers serve a specific purpose and should be limited to the gym. However, with so many styles offering such a huge variety, it’s hard to resist weaving your favorite athletic shoe into your wardrobe. If you are looking for a sneaker that you can wear out to lunch and to your next HIIT class, make sure that you concentrate on the athletic performance of the sneaker first. Once you find a pair of shoes that are comfortable, then you can determine whether you’ll be able to pair this with your non-gym clothes.

3. Multitasking sneaker

Grey sneakers

Know how you’re going to use these shoes. | iStock.com

If you work out in a variety of ways, investing in a cross-training sneaker is the best option if are looking to only make one purchase. However, running sneakers should be an entirely separate purchase. When looking for a cross-trainer, you want to make sure you try the shoes on in-store and test out several different pairs. Not all cross trainers are made the same, so making sure they are suitable is key before leaving the store. Your big toe should not be pressed against the top of the sneaker, there should be at least a thumbnail’s length of space and the heel should feel supported. Don’t be afraid to actually walk a bit in the store with the sneakers on; it will give you a good idea of how they may feel on a daily basis.

4. Durability

feet in grass

A good pair will be durable. | iStock.com

For outdoor lovers that like to train outside, purchasing a sneaker that can handle the outdoors is your best bet. Outdoor running sneakers take more of a beating in comparison to sneakers made for indoor training. Make sure that your footwear can handle the demands of the outdoors such as climate change and unpaved payment.

5. Price point

Woman wearing neon pink athletic shoes

Make sure your pair of choice is within your budget. | iStock.com

Keep in mind that if you are looking for a sneaker that will not only last but provide the needed support, you may be spending more than usual. According to a survey, the average price point for a pair of men’s sneakers is around $65, which is pretty affordable. Expect this price to either go up or down when you factor in the season, designer, and the extras like glow in the dark soles or speedometer trackers. And sport-specific kicks also tend to be pricier (we’re looking at you, running shoes).