Chapped Lips? 6 Best Lip Balms to Use During the Winter

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It’s winter, and you know what what that means: dry, flaky skin and chapped lips. Sure you take care of your aching skin, but you’re probably neglecting those lips. Unlike the rest of your skin, your lips don’t have oil glands which causes them to dry out very easily. The American Academy of Dermatology suggests, via WebMD, to give your poor lips some love by doing the following:

  • Steer clear of licking them: The cycle of wetting and drying that occurs causes them to quickly chap.
  • Cover them up: Protect those lips from the cold by hiding them behind your scarf.
  • Kick up the moisture in your house: The winter is known to dry out practically anything and that wondrous central heating system that is keeping you warm and cozy is wreaking havoc not only on your skin, but your lips. Keep the air in your house moist with a humidifier.

Beside all of these, the quickest and easiest fix is some lip balm. On top of the licking, sun exposure — because it tends to be just as strong during the winter — can make chapped lips even worse, so get one with a sunscreen or SPF 15 or more and slather it on. Here are some of the best — and manliest — lips balms to get you through this winter.

1. Blistex Five Star Lip Protection

This tried and true brand offers Five Star Lip Protection with a unique mix of ingredients: panthenol (a form of vitamin B5) locks in moisture and candelilla (a plant-based wax) all help to form a barrier against wind, while wheat germ oil provides moisture relief, calendula oil (distilled from flower tops) soothes cold-chapped lips, and a broad spectrum SPF30 blocks the sun’s harmful rays.

2. Aquaphor Lip Repair

Aquaphor Lip Repair is free of fragrance, preservatives, and dyes and is optimal for men with sensitive lips and skin. Did we mention that is also provides immediate, long-lasting relief for dry, cracked lips during the long, cold months of winter? Because it absolutely does.

3. Chapstick Dual-Ended Hydration Lock

This dual-sided lip balm (for extra fun) offers two distinct formulas that provide 24-hour lip care for both day and night. The unflavored “Day” side contains SPF 12 protection, while the chamomile-scented “Night” side is made from natural shea and mango butters, antioxidants, tamanu (an oil pressed from inedible tree nuts), coconut, and botanical oils to help replenish and nourish the lips overnight.

4. Jack Black Intense Therapy Lip Balm SPF 25

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This lip treatment is an emollient balm that soothes and relieves dry, chapped, and irritated lips. Enriched with superior skin conditioners and antioxidants, it helps to heal cracked and chapped lips. Made with grapefruit and ginger to refresh and soothe, shea butter, and avocado oil soften and condition lips, and vitamin E, green tea extract, and antioxidants protect lips from damage caused by free radicals.

5. Avène Cold Cream Lip Balm

This clinically proven lip balm for severely dry lips can remain on your lips for up to eight hours and is made from a rich formula that immediately relieves dryness and seals in hydration. Avène Cold Cream Lip Balm is for when nothing else will work.

6. Lab Series Pro LS Lip Tech

With a burst of minty freshness, this fast-acting balm for instant hydration will cure your chapped lips. Made with a blend of shea butter and beeswax, it will leave you lips with a manly matte finish.

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