Check Out This Bag You Can Repair With Body Heat


Herschel’s new line of bags can be repaired using only your body heat | Source: Herschel

We cannot exactly help you fly or see through walls or even mind read, but we may be able to help you indulge in your inner superhero — just slightly. No need to don a cape, though. But, you can now wield both a backpack and a duffel bag that have indestructible tendencies controlled by your own hands. Yes, you heard that correctly.

Vancouver-based Herschel Supply, known for its timeless, design-driven accessories, has just stepped into the future with the introduction of an innovative new line of bags. The two-piece capsule collection for spring 2016 includes a backpack and a duffle that you can fix just using your fingers. It’s much like magic  — except there is no illusion here! But how does it work?

The trick is in the Sealtech fabric, a high tensile, ripstop nylon that’s rendered in a custom coating. This not only creates a water-resistant barrier, it also allows the fabric to recover and reseal after a minor puncture using nothing but your body heat. But, you don’t have to tell your friends all of that when you magically repair that bag in front of their eyes.

Rubbing your hands over the hole won’t remedy major wear and tear (the technology has a ways to go before it becomes true genie-in-a-bottle status, after all). But, when it comes to small rips and punctures from pencils and other items to which your backpack or duffel might be subjected, you are covered.  Now you have a way to make that bag just like new again.

duffel bag

Herschel duffel bag | Source: Herschel

Plus, these sleekly minimal carry-alls aren’t just super-functional (and super-fun, too), they will make you a sartorial star. Perfectly suited for the urban environment, the elegantly contoured Lawson backpack ($149) features a 13-inch laptop sleeve along with die-cut premium leather shoulder straps, which is the first time they’re available on any Herschel Supply backpack.

The streamlined rendition of the brand’s popular Sutton Mid-Volume duffle ($99) is equipped with rivet-detailed carrying handles, also made from premium leather. Polished metal hardware, waterproof zippers with long knotted leather pull, and subtly debossed Herschel Supply branding puts the finishing touch on each piece.

Herschel backpack

Herschel backpack | Source: Herschel

The Sealtech-fueled collection is not the first time that Herschel has pushed the boundaries on new technical experimentation and innovation.

The company also recently introduced the innovative and tactile ApexKnit fabric earlier this year. Created from densely woven, high-tensile yarn, it provides a slight stretch while molding to its intended form — a backpack, for example. The fabric technology basically minimizes the need for visible construction seams, offering a progressive, sleek aesthetic that’s again at the epitome of both form and function.

Herschel put the ApexKnit to good use in the Dayton ($199) and the Lawson ($179) backpacks along with the Network pouch ($49), all of which quickly sold out on their first run.

We’ve seen plenty of tech-y, performance-driven innovations in footwear and apparel, but Herschel is one of the first brands that has crossed over into the bags and luggage category, effectively bringing them back to the future, too.

Forget that body temperature-regulating shirt and that Apple watch, this is smartwear that we can really get behind. Stay tuned, as Herschel plans to release more super-powered styles in 2017  — no cape required.

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