5 Comfortable Men’s Clothing Brands That Are Also Stylish

Guys: It’s time to step back into your comfort zone. With the rise of the athleisure trend, there has never been a better opportunity to fully embrace comfortable, everyday wear — from the bedroom to the boardroom. If your daily uniform consists of stiff suits, overly starched dress shirts, neck-wrangling ties, and pants with no forgiveness, then we know you’re not operating at your best, relaxed self.

But, take note, this is not a free pass to wear grubby sweatpants and call it a day. Enter the ranks of relaxation with a new era of comfy clothes that are more attuned to your laid-back self while still being appropriate for public consumption. Slacking is not allowed with these five brands, where style and comfort are not mutually exclusive.

1. Suitsupply

SuitSupply is one of the most comfortable clothing brands

Suitsupply is one of the most comfortable clothing brands | Suitsupply

Combining craftsmanship with flair, Suitsupply delivers a striking mix of suits, shirts, jackets, trousers, and accessories with ready-to-wear and made-to-measure options. Merging handsome aesthetics, European-inspired quality, and total comfort, the brand has created a culture of cool. And while personally tailored items will always deliver a higher level of personal ease, as they are designed specifically to fit your body, it doesn’t get much more comfortable than SuitSupply’s refined leisurewear that you simply won’t ever want to change out of. Described as “laid-back luxury,” the collection contains staples like T-shirts, joggers, and sneakers, but with an indulgent, stylish spin. For example, their interpretation of the standard gray hoodie is rendered in pure cashmere. We also recommend loosening up a suit with a T-shirt for the ultimate casual yet work-appropriate outing.

2. Topman

Topman clothing

Topman clothing |  Topman

The British high-street phenomenon, Topman, is known for its trendsetting statements and European styling. But, in the case of Topman, being fashionable doesn’t negate comfort. Basic essentials, tops, and trousers can be found at every turn with pared-down workwear and British-inspired suiting that also makes a smart, and smartly tailored, impact. Even lounge wear comes equipped with an elevated look. All told, the brand is a king of comfortable, easy, and accessible fashion.

3. Diesel

Diesel clothing

Diesel clothing | Diesel

Known for its denim and urban streetwear, Diesel is an iconic brand when it comes to head-turning, cool-kid ensembles that are likewise laid-back and easy to wear. Now, the label has also exclusively developed an innovative JoggJeans line. It’s all about premium fabrics made for effortless movement, which likewise equates to ultimate comfort. The hybrid line combines the best elements of the brand’s regular denim with JoggJean technology for a relaxed, contemporary result. After all, there’s nothing quite worse than uncomfortable jeans.

4. Lululemon

Lululemon clothing

Lululemon clothing | Lululemon

Before you roll your eyes, Lululemon is a lot more than a destination for the girls and their fancy yoga pants. What many people don’t realize is that the brand has a bevy of men’s clothing that seamlessly transitions beyond the gym — way beyond. Grab the Nonstop Blazer with four-way stretch; it is versatile enough to take you from the workweek to the weekend, no wardrobe change required. Button-down shirts get a new lease on life, too, with lightweight, Lycra fabric and sweat-wicking qualities for extra comfort. Crossover shorts, tops, and outerwear are just as fashionable and functional, too.

5. Cotton On

Cotton On

Man dressed in Cotton On | Cotton On

When it comes to comfort, cotton truly is a go-to fabric for your life and Cotton On fully embraces that fact. Smart-casual is the order of the day for this brand, whether you opt for the breezy button-downs or the printed shirts, textural tees, and chinos. The Drake cuffed cotton pants pair well with everything, given their polished but completely comfortable profile, making them perfect for the weekend. Is it Saturday yet?

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