These Types of Clothes Can Instantly Make Your Hips Look Slimmer

Let’s face it; there’s a big difference between looking hip and hippy. If you are the proud owner of a pear-shaped bod, you know what we’re talking about, and it can be a challenge de-emphasize that area while creating an hourglass figure. However, it’s really all about finding the right balance through visual wardrobe cues that flatter and provide all the right illusions to make the hips look narrower. These 11 types of clothing do just that.

1. Straight or boot-cut jeans

Elena Braghieri is seen wearing Peuterey jacket

Straight-leg jeans are super flattering. | Jacopo Raule/Getty Images

Skinny denim may be in style, but it’s so out if you have wider hips. The tight, clingy silhouette and tapered leg is only going to make your bum look bigger. The trick is to balance out the hips and thighs with the lower part of the leg so the silhouette appears proportional. That’s where both straight-leg and boot-cut jeans come to the rescue to make your hips appear narrower.

2. Flat-front pants

A guest during the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Istanbul Autumn/Winter 2016

Flat-front pants are great for narrowing the hips. | Timur Emek/Getty Images

Flat-front pants, as opposed to their pleated counterparts, are always going to be a better option to narrow the appearance of your hips. The clean, simple lines don’t attract too much attention to the area you’re trying to minimize. Pleated styles can be difficult to wear no matter what size you are, but they are a big no-no if you’re trying to take away emphasis from the hips. The extra fabric created by the pleats simply yields extra girth around the waist and hips, making for a rather unflattering effect.

3. A-line skirts and dresses

beautiful blonde woman in turquoise dress

This simple silhouette will slim you down. |

An A-line silhouette is an A-plus style for curvier girls. Skirts and dresses with this type of cut automatically make your hips look narrower because they nip in at the waist and then gently flare out around the hips. This, in effect, minimizes them. Narrower styles, such as pencil skirts, can be problematic, as they have a tighter silhouette, emphasizing the size of your hips.

4. Waist-cinching belt

Female hand on a tie belt

A belt will really help you out. | iprogressman

Belting your ensembles at your natural waist is an easy way to elongate your legs, create that hourglass look, and help make your hips appear smaller. It’s all about tricking the eye, as you draw attention upward to your waist and also add figure-flattering definition. You may think shapeless dresses, jackets, and sweaters will hide those hips. But really, they just make you look bigger all around.

5. Little black dress

Sebnem Guenay is wearing a dress from Mango vintage glasses shoes

The LBD looks fabulous on everyone. | Timur Emek/Getty Images

We all know the slimming power of the color black, so make sure that you have a powerful LBD in your closet. Not only is a little black dress a classic, but it will also make your hips look narrower by virtue of its hue — especially if you go for one in a flattering A-line or structured hourglass silhouette. Just stay away from styles that are too body-hugging.

6. Dark pants

Lucia wears Vans trainers, Weekday handbag, Prada sunglasses and Zara trousers

Black pants will slim down your hips. | Pablo Cuadra/Getty Images

Like the slimming strength of a little black dress, so too can your pants work to your advantage. Darker colors absorb light, which provides a more slender, streamlined effect. Look for black, charcoal gray, chocolate brown, and midnight-navy hues. And, of course, you’ll want those pants to be flat-fronts with straight or boot-cut legs.

7. Lighter tops

A model poses at the Frame Denim presentation during Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week

Light tops will draw attention away from those hips. | Ilya S. Savenok/Getty Images

Opting for a lighter top can create the same flattering effect as wearing your pants darker to visually reduce the size of your hips. Light and bright hues will draw attention to the top half of your body, thus re-focusing attention away from the hip area and minimizing its impact.

8. Interesting necklines

A view of street style seen around the September 2016 New York Fashion Week

An interesting neckline will draw attention away from your hips, too. | Mike Coppola/Getty Images

Just as light-colored tops can draw the gaze upward, blouses or dresses with interesting necklines have the same effect. For example, one of your best assets might be your décolletage. So, flaunt it! Wear a flattering, deep V-neckline or a shoulder-flaunting piece, and you’ll immediately reduce the size of your hips simply by redirecting attention to another area of your figure. It works like a charm. You can also look for tops with ruffled shapes or ones that feature embellishment; they’ll yield a similar attention-grabbing effect.

9. Bold shoulders

A woman poses in the street before the show for fashion house

Bigger shoulders will make your hips appear narrower. | Gabriel Bouys/AFP/Getty Images

Statement shoulders are coming back into vogue, with bold, structured shaping that’s reminiscent of the shoulder-pad look. And, highlighting your shoulders in this way can actually work to your advantage in narrowing the appearance of your hips. It all comes back to the principle of proportion: The illusion of wider, more prominent shoulders is going to better balance out wider hips, thus making them look narrower. That said, if you already have broad shoulders or a larger, muscular physique, this may not be the sartorial tactic for you — it will add unnecessary girth to your upper half.

10. Shapewear

Blue bikini Underwear

Shapewear can really help. |

Shapewear is a curvy girl’s best friend when it comes to narrowing the hip area. Smoothing and slimming undergarments visually minimize the area while likewise flattering the hip and the butt area. Just make sure that you match the right underpinnings to your outfit; there should be no bulging or lines created at the waist or leg.

11. Clothing that fits

designer next to his dress shirts

Whatever you choose to wear, always make sure it fits. |

Any time clothing is not properly tailored to your frame, you will experience an unflattering result — no matter how many inches your hips measure. Jeans and pants that are too tight around the hips are going to emphasize them. So, even if you have to go up a size to get the right fit around your hips, do it — even if the waist is too big. You can have the waist and legs taken in to fit you.

The same goes for clothing that’s oversized; it won’t hide your hips. It will only make you look bigger all around. Flaunt your best features — whether that be a small waist, beautiful shoulders, or sexy legs — and find a good tailor to fit the rest.