Every Woman Should Get Rid of These Clothes by the Time She’s 30

There are some things every woman should have in her closet, like a little black dress or a pair of great-fitting jeans. There are also some pieces you should avoid if you want to look professional. However, revamping your wardrobe becomes difficult when you find an article or accessory you love, but have simply outgrown. If you’re looking to clean out your closet this season and aren’t sure where to begin, here are seven pieces you might want to consider tossing if you’ve already reached the big 3-0.

1. Inexpensive jewelry

Jewelry box

Say so long to fake gold. | iStock.com/pheigin

Incorporating different rings, necklaces, and bracelets into your look is a great way to add a personalized, stylish flair to any outfit. But if your collection is chock-full of pieces that date back to your teenage years, you might want to rethink the contents of your jewelry box. Don’t get us wrong: We implore you to hang onto those friendship bracelets you made back in summer camp. But since you likely didn’t have the budget to invest in high-quality metals and gems, we wouldn’t be surprised if most of your pieces are rusted or turn your skin green.

Now that you’re older, and sartorially wiser, it is time to invest in pieces you’ll wear for years to come. Whether you can afford fine jewelry or a step above what you already have, try to purchase gold and silver items — not just gold plated — and silhouettes that can withstand the test of time.

2. Crop tops

Hipster Girl on White Brick Wall Background

Keep your midriff to yourself. | iStock.com/brickrena

Once upon a time, a crop top used to be the mainstay of any fashion-forward women’s closet. She could wear it with high-rise jeans, low-rise jeans, and jean shorts during the summer. But once you hit a certain age, it’s time to graduate the prized going out top for a more mature alternative. We believe in body positivity and wearing pieces that flatter your body; however, crop tops eventually look like you’re stuck in your 20s. Your style should evolve as you get older, so instead of relying on a youthful crop top, an elevated T-shirt or tank will look even sharper.

3. Bodycon dresses

woman portrait wearing blue dress and sunglasses

Tiny dresses just look too immature. | iStock.com/patronestaff

While we’re on the topic of clothes that should be left to the ghosts of closets past, it’s time to let go of that bodycon dress. In your twenties, this style was perfect for upscale dates and girls’ nights out, but where exactly can you wear this to as you get older? The club? The office? No thank you. The good news is there are a tons of stylish alternatives to the bodycon dress, as well as dresses in general. Have a look.

4. Platform heels

brunette wearing white suite and high heels

Do you really still want to walk around in these? | iStock.com/mashimara

We all have those shoes that are super high and difficult to walk in, but for whatever reason (they were a gift! they were on sale!), we decided to keep them around. “I’ll wear these one day,” we promise ourselves as we opt for a more sensible pair.

If you haven’t worn these shoes by now, you likely never will, so it’s time to kick them to the curb. Anything you don’t naturally gravitate to is just wasting space in your closet, and you’d be better off reselling those pieces.  If you do have a supernatural ability to glide in a pair of platform heels, we still suggest you part ways. They look unprofessional and, if we’re being honest, immature. Stilettos and pumps are great — just make sure you know how to walk in them.

5. Leggings

yoga class

Going to yoga is one of the only exceptions. | Joe Raedle/Getty Images

To clarify, we don’t mean workout leggings. Whether you enjoy running on the treadmill or taking a yoga class, you need those. We’re talking about the leggings you once wore everywhere in college. And we mean everywhere: Parties, class, the dining hall, and even dates. We enjoy being comfortable as much as the next busy woman; however, we draw the line at wearing leggings beyond the confines of the gym. With all the comfortable trousers and jeans readily available, we promise you can stay comfortable and look age-appropriate.

6. Hoodies

woman laughing with hood sweatshirt

Hoodies need to be upgraded. | iStock.com/m-imagephotography

Speaking of sweats, it’s time to say goodbye to your favorite hoodie. Sure, a hoodie keeps you warm and has a convenient zipper that makes it easy to put on or take off at a moment’s notice, but it’s outdated. You should always dress for the job you want — even on weekends. As comfortable as they are, we’d expect to see a hoodie on an intern, not an emerging CEO — unless you’re Mark Zuckerberg, that is. For an adult-appropriate alternative, try a quarter-zip fleece. It’ll keep you warm, plus it looks more polished than its full-zip counterpart.

7. Graphic tees

Orange Shirts at a Souvenir-Shop in Amsterdam

Express yourself through your personality, not by wearing a statement across your chest. | iStock.com/Bernhard Richter

At some point in your life, you probably had a couple of graphic tees in your closet. They might’ve been adorned with a flirty saying (does “Gettin’ Lucky in Kentucky” ring any bells?) or the logo of your favorite band. It’s been some time since graphic tees ruled superior, so we hope you’ve already ditched them. Style is a great way to express yourself, but it’s simply awkward when your shirt literally says how you’re feeling. We don’t care if you’re catching up with an old friend or meeting someone for the very first time, solids and prints are both better choices.

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