Clothing Tricks That Make You Look 10 Pounds Thinner

Every man wants to look good and feel confident. Whether it’s for a date, an important job interview, or just a night out with his friends, looking your best is key. So if looking slim and gaining more confidence is your goal, then you should do whatever it takes to accomplish it. Sure the obvious answer would be to simply eat healthy and exercise to lose weight. Unfortunately though, weight loss doesn’t happen overnight. We have some other options to help you along in looking 10 pounds thinner while you’re working on your weight loss, or if you just want to simply look thinner. Either way, we have you covered. Here are six clothing tricks that can make you look 10 pounds thinner than you actually are.

1. Wear the right size

a dressed up man

Make sure you wear clothes that fit well. |

Most men think that wearing bigger and baggier clothes will help mask or disguise their problem areas. Whether it’s love handles, a beer belly, or anything else, wearing bigger clothes does not hide these areas. Of course, wearing clothing that is too tight or small will not solve the problem, either. There should not be any wrinkles, excess cloth, or bulges in your clothing because it’s only going to amplify your problem and make you look sloppy, as well as draw attention to areas where you’re larger. Your clothing should fit you just right: It should not be hugging too tightly nor should there be excess fabric anywhere. This may be difficult to find right off the rack, in which case it’s important to know and get to a good tailor who can hem your clothing to fit you perfectly.

In short, the fit of your clothing, when trying to look both thinner and more well put together, is above all else the most important factor. Make sure to pay attention to what size clothes fit the best and wear them more often.

2. Avoid wearing any loud prints or patterns (except one)

a stylish man wearing a suit

Loud prints can make you stand out for all the wrong reasons. |

Plain clothes can feel boring; however, if you’re a bigger man or if there are parts of you that are larger, loud prints and bold patterns will not only make you stand out, but they will draw the eye to wherever they are on the body. For instance, if you’re broad or larger chested, loud patterns like stripes and pin dots will draw unwanted attention (unless they’re discreet) and make you look bigger. The one pattern that you should consider wearing are vertical lines, as they create “optical continuity” and will help to elongate the look of your body, making you appear much thinner.

3. Use distractions, like V-necks

man wearing a V-neck top

Try throwing on a V-neck shirt. | Pixabay

V-neck tops, especially thin knit V-neck sweaters — subtle ones, not ones that plunge halfway down to your belly button — create the illusion of height and slim down your overall frame. Essentially, they can draw attention away from your midsection and make your torso appear longer. Even V-neck cotton tees work well, though, if you’re planning on sticking with V-neck sweaters, opt for cashmere, silk, and other lighter blends that sit right at the waist and hips and hug the chest, arms, and shoulders. Avoid any thick knits or other heavy fabrics.

4. Opt for plain pants and wear them at your waist

a stylish man wearing all black

Think dark for pants. | Ben A. Pruchnie/Getty Images

As a general rule (and as previously mentioned) the plainer your clothes, the thinner you’ll look because it creates the illusion of continuity and doesn’t break the body up into parts, which could make you look larger. To look 10 pounds thinner, opt for flat slim and/or plain front pants in darker colors like navy, black, and gray. Flat or plain front pants give the man of any size a cleaner waist because it uses less material than pleats, which can add a whole lot of unnecessary bulk to your frame, so be sure to avoid them.

As for jeans, the same rules apply, and they should be worn only in a dark, plain wash to hide any imperfections. The leg should be straight cut and sit right at the hips, as this is the most flattering and slenderizing style.

Make sure that all of your pants are worn at your natural waist, with the hem of the pant breaking right at the top of the shoe. Anything longer than that can add a few pounds to your frame, while anything shorter will make you look short and stocky instead of lean and long, which is what you’re so diligently aiming for.

5. Wear head-to-toe dark clothing

a man wearing a suit

Wearing dark clothing will help. |

Alas, one of the oldest tricks in the book: It is very well-known that wearing all black makes you look 10 pounds thinner. The greatest of optical illusions, black really does go with everything and it makes you look slimmer. Alternatively, wearing different colors and shades all over your body breaks it up too much and can potentially draw attention to all of your problem areas. If you’re not into black, stick to subtle dark shades of one color to look more pulled together and instantly slim your physique.

6. Consider Manx

a stylish man

Wearing Manx can help you look slimmer. |

Yes, they’re real, and yes, the V-neck, tank top, or crew-neck undershirts will help you look slimmer. It’s no secret that many women wear Spanx under their clothes to help them look slimmer. Unfortunately though, if you’re more than 50 or 60 pounds overweight, Manx won’t help. But if you’re under that, it will do wonders for your frame.