5 Comfortable Leggings That Make You Look Thinner

Welcome to the new age of comfortable leggings. No longer relegated to the weekend yogi or the Netflix-and-chill night, these comfortable, easy-to-wear style staples have  plenty of potential outside the living room.

With the rise of more structured athleisure and crossover wear, comfortable leggings are no longer even deemed inappropriate for many 9-to-5 endeavors, much to the hallelujahs of working women. Even if you’re a legging naysayer with the cries that they’re not flattering, often see-through, and prone to create a skin pooch, there’s reason for you to take a second look at a pair (or five).

There’s a crop of leggings out there that will convert even the most anti-Spandex among you. Some of these winning options could easily pass as pants; others simply as a punchy way to hit the Pilates studio. Each of these options makes you appear leggy, slenderizing your figure to its most flattering potential. And who doesn’t want that?

1. Spanx Cropped Indigo Knit Legging

spanx, leggings

Leggings that appear nearly identical to jeans | Source: Spanx

The makers of everyone’s favorite body shapers, Spanx, has a range of comfortable leggings that slenderize while maximizing their style profile. Take the Spanx cropped knit legging, for example. This wonder pair of pants may look like your favorite jeans but they feel far more comfortable and have a slimming magic that no denim can match. They come complete with an inner mesh shaping panty while the dark indigo wash provides an even more streamlined look. But what we really love are the functional back pockets that mimic the classic 5-pocket jean and a cropped length that’s perfect for late summer and early fall.

2. Sassybax Convertible Legging

black leggings, women's fashion

Leggings that go from casual to upscale | Source: Sassybax

Leave it to the company that pioneered the concept of eliminating visible bra lines (VBL) to make a legging that’s just as beneficial to the female form. Sassybax’s any-season convertible legging is a luxe version you may fall in love with at first sight. It has the slimming function of shapewear, but with the look of a pant, so you can wear them any time of the day or night. A double-layer belly band sucks the tummy and hips in like no other — up to an impressive three inches, the brand reports. Talk about an instant tummy tuck. Plus, they’re black, which is the universal color for a style slim-down. And the legging is 100-percent opaque, so you don’t have to worry about the see-through effect in bright light.

3. Alo Yoga High-Waisted Airbrush Legging

alo yoga, leggings

Alo Yoga ‘Airbrush’ leggings | Source: Carbon38

“Airbrush” is a fitting name for this popular legging from the highly favored Alo Yoga label. Your legs may just look like they’ve experienced the benefits of Photoshop when you put on a pair. The maximum performance fabric sculpts thighs and provides a slimming and lifting effect — even when you’re not in barre class. They also smooth and streamline the overall shape of the legs, butt, and waist. Plus, the high waistband adds another level of support to your tummy area while ensuring you won’t have any sort of muffin top.

4. Onzie Indio Mix Graphic Legging

Onzie leggings

Onzie ‘Indio Mix’ leggings | Source: Carbon38

When it comes to leggings, not all prints are created equal. Some patterns can perform well in the slimming department while others may have the opposite effect. It’s all in the placement of the graphics. Onzie has a wealth of flattering options, but we like the Indio Mix variety for a bold and beautiful contrast that will have you coloring outside the lines with punchy, pretty patterning. While we don’t necessarily recommend wearing these wilder pairs to the office, when you do flaunt them, you can rest assured that the black-and-white crisscross print that wraps around the leg will create an elongating, slimming illusion.

5. Miraclebody Alice Ponte Stretch Legging

black leggings

Plain black leggings never go out of style | Source: Miraclebody

Structured French seaming down the front of Miraclebody’s Alice Ponte stretch leggings encourages legs for days while the clean waistband smooths and perfects any bulkier areas in your midsection. The stretchy material also molds and conforms to your unique shape while staying true to fit, form, and function. And they hail from the Miraclesuit family of brands that promises you’ll look 10 pounds lighter in 10 seconds (which is the time it takes to slip on a pair). Looks like they’ll have you believing in fashion miracles in no time.







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