7 Grooming Mistakes Most Men Don’t Know They’re Making

It’s easy to get lazy when it comes to your grooming and skin care routine. Sometimes reading about what to do and what not to do is so overwhelming that you just want to scrap any sort of grooming routine. Don’t give up! Here’s a list of mistakes you probably didn’t realize you’re making. Fix these, and your hair and skin will look noticeably better.

1. You’re not moisturizing before bed

Man reading in bed

You’ll want to moisturize before hitting they hay. | iStock.com

Applying moisturizer before bed is crucial. Dr. Anjali Mahto, consultant dermatologist at Highgate Hospital, told Fashion Beans, “Cleansing strips the skin of dead cells, dirt, and bacteria, but can leave the skin dry and lacking hydration.” It’s important to invest in a quality night cream, which works while you sleep to keep you looking handsome and youthful.

2. You completely ignore your eyebrows

Man tweezing his eyebrows

Don’t forget to groom your eyebrows. | iStock.com

Believe it or not, your eyebrows are one of your most defining features. They add personality to your face, so maintaining them is important — especially if you have unruly brows. “The easiest way to control and neaten eyebrows is to use a special brow gel, though a dab of hair wax often works just as well,” makeup artist Luke Stephens explained to Men’s Health UK. “Comb your brow first, so all the hairs are in the same direction, then slick a tiny amount along the eyebrow with the tip of your finger.” If you have more of a unibrow situation, it may be time to enlist some professional help. Head to your local spa for a quick wax instead of attempting to remedy the situation yourself.

3. You try to grow out thinning hair

man with thinning hair

You’re better off keeping it short. | iStock.com

For many men, thinning hair is a reality. Growing your hair out to counter this loss may seem like the best solution, but you’re approaching it all wrong. Rather than trying to grow out what’s left of your hair, keep it short, or embrace your baldness entirely by shaving it off.

4. You’re not prepared when you go to the barber

Man getting his hair cut

Make sure you know what you want before you get to the barbershop. | iStock.com

Walking blindly into the barber shop with no idea of how you want your hair cut and styled is like asking the barber to do whatever he or she wants — at your expense. As a general rule, if you’re unsure of the hair cut or style you want, go to a stylist instead of a barber. A stylist will spend more time with you and help decide what cut is best for you.

5. You wash your hair too much or not enough

a man washing his hair in the shower

Avoid washing your hair too little or not enough. | iStock.com

According to Business Insider, washing your hair every day can dry the scalp and strip the hair of natural oils that it needs to stay shiny and healthy. Washing your hair once a week or less may cause the same natural oils to get a little out of control. Most hair stylists advise that you wash your hair at most every two to three days.

6. You never really clean your beard

bearded man filing his nails

Clearning your beard is a must. | iStock.com

Although beards are meant to look rugged, they’re certainly not meant to be neglected. Don’t forget, your beard needs as much care as the hair on your scalp. Make sure you shampoo it several times a week, and don’t forget to condition it — unless you want your beard to look dried out and straggly. The blog, Stubble and ‘Stach, recommends that you wash your beard twice a week on average.

7. You neglect your hands

Man cracking his knuckles

Give your hands a little bit of love. | iStock.com

Always take care of your hands. That means washing, trimming your nails, and make sure you’re moisturizing. Seriously, this is a bare minimum.