5 Common Grooming Products That Have Multiple Uses

Most people have their grooming routine down pat, so they know what products they need and exactly how to use them to look their best. But what you might not know is many common grooming products can multitask, eliminating the need for a bunch of extras. Think we’re kidding? Here are five grooming products you probably use every day and the other ways you can use them. You’ll have fewer stuff to sort through, and will probably end up saving some cash.

1. Listerine to treat dandruff

man pouring mouth wash from bottle to bottle cap

Mouthwash can help your dandruff problem. | iStock.com

Bad breath from eating foul smelling food is one thing, but halitosis, which is consistent bad breath caused by mouth dryness or alcohol, has to do with bacteria being present in your mouth feeding on various proteins. Using mouthwash in conjunction with brushing your teeth is simple oral hygiene that’s essential in daily care, but you probably never realized that mouthwash, specifically Listerine, was once advertised as a great dandruff combatant. Listerine is an antiseptic, so it really could work for mild cases.

If your dandruff is not that bad and you don’t have any open wounds on your head (because Listerine can burn and mildly irritate even a normal scalp) give Listerine a try. Or, you can always just stick to an over-the-counter dandruff shampoo.

2. Conditioner as shave cream

Man about to shave

Conditioner can help keep your skin smooth while shaving. | iStock.com

Using hair conditioner when you run out of shave cream has been a well-kept secret that women have utilized since the popularity of beauty blogs, and it also works for guys. If you find yourself in the shower or looking in your bathroom mirror about to get your shave on and realize you’re out of shaving cream, reach for your conditioner. Lifehacker notes that hair conditioner is easy to use on your face: Simply sprinkle a little water to make the solution thicker as you slather it on, and shave section by section as you normally do. Conditioner may actually improve your shave because it will soften up your hair follicles making it easier for your razor to glide over your face.

3. Shampoo for (numerous things)

a man shampooing his hair

Shampoo is for more than just your hair. | iStock.com

In that same respect, shampoo is something of a multi-purpose, magical solution you’ve probably underestimated. Some of its unconventional uses include: Cuticle softener, nail dirt remover, zipper lubricant, and car cleaner.

If you have dirt under your fingernails that just won’t come out even after using nail cleaning tools, shampoo is your answer. Simply apply a small amount under each fingernail and spread it so that it sits on both sides and beneath the tips. Once it settles, rinse off the shampoo with soap and water, and your nails should look shiny and new afterwards. Or you could simply wash your hair and make sure your nails really get in there when you’re scrubbing. Additionally, if you have a jammed zipper, reach for the shampoo and spread it throughout the zipper teeth.

4. Baby powder for an oily scalp

Baby powder

Baby powder can assist with your oily scalp. | iStock.com

You’re probably very familiar with the “right” uses for baby powder, which is popularly used to absorb sweat, keeping your skin cool and dry. Some people use it before they put their bare feet into a pair of shoes or use it as an aftershave or under their arms to keep them feeling fresh. It’s also used to soothe irritated skin as well. However, one of the lesser known uses for it is as a substitute for dry shampoo, which is commonly applied to absorb oil at the roots of your hair if you’ve missed a shampoo or haven’t had time to wash. It’s meant to keep your hair looking clean. If you can’t get a hold of an actual dry shampoo product, simply sprinkle some baby powder right underneath the top later of your hair at the roots to absorb any excess oil. Be sure to rub it in with your fingers to make sure you rid your scalp of any white residue.

5. Toothpaste for acne

girl checking her face for pimple in mirror

Toothpaste can dry up zits. | iStock.com

Using toothpaste for acne is one of those classic, unconventional remedies though many are not exactly sure how it works. It’s safe to say that many have tried toothpaste on their acne before and have their own personal story using it. According to The Huffington Post, most toothpastes contain ingredients like hydrogen peroxide, witch hazel, baking soda, and alcohol — all things known to take down a zit. Unfortunately, using a combination of all those drying ingredients can also lead you down a path of face destruction. Although it may work to get rid of a spot every time, there are some safer alternatives, including using baking soda or witch hazel separately, but if you’re in a jam, reach for that toothpaste.