These Are the Beauty Products You Should Never Buy at Costco

Costco is a budgeter’s paradise. That said, just because it lives on Costco’s shelves doesn’t mean it’s a good deal. Case in point? Their selection of beauty products. While buying a year’s supply of deodorant will save you more than a few bucks, spending money on As Seen on TV beauty tools and some generic brand items can be both dangerous and a waste of money.

Curious to know more? We’re sharing the beauty products to avoid at all costs on your next Costco haul, ahead.

1. Generic brand face wipes

Costco kirkland face wipe

They’re really not great for your skin. | Costco

When it comes down to it, face wipes aren’t cheap. That said, they aren’t the best things to use on your complexion, either. So, while it may seem like you hit the jackpot with a pack of 150 Kirkland Signature Daily Facial Towelettes, you’re really wasting your money. Instead of pulling and tugging at your delicate skin with facial wipes, reach for a gentle makeup remover or micellar water as a pre-rinse before cleansing your face.

2. Dangerous beauty tools

Costco turbo eyelash curler

This is just asking to get burned. | Costco

Costco is the place where all “As Seen on TV” beauty tools go to die. And while there are a number of products and tools that may provide stellar results, a good portion of them can be super dangerous. Case in point: The ModelCo Turbo Lashwand Eyelash Curler. Designed to physically heat up your lashes and curl them, this beauty device looks like an accident waiting to happen.

3. Hair removal systems

Costco hair remover

It’s better to go see a professional. | Costco

Speaking of dangerous beauty tools, at-home hair removal systems are a big no-no, too. That’s especially true when you’re dealing with an at-home laser hair removal device, such as the Silk’n Flash & Go Luxx Hair Removal System. If you’re looking to get laser hair removal done, we recommend consulting with a professional.

4. Eyelash growth serum

eyelash serum

These serums have been known to cause irritation. | Costco

Another beauty product to watch out for at Costco? Eyelash growth serum. In theory, eyelash growth serum sounds like a pretty sweet deal (you run the serum across your lash line every night and, with time, start to see thicker, more voluptuous lashes). However, the reality is that these types of lash growth serums can cause some serious irritation. And they aren’t cheap, even at Costco!

Instead of taking the risk, try applying a little black castor oil to a cotton swab and running it along your lash line. The all-natural oil can help promote hair growth and is much safer than some chemical-ridden formula.

5. Gimmicky gadgets

Color me foundation

This seems pretty unnecessary. | Costco

In addition to dangerous beauty tools, you’ll also want to stay away from gimmicky gadgets. While these products aren’t necessarily dangerous, they are often a total waste of money.

Case in point? The Color Me Automatic Foundation Applicator. This item may be fun to try once or twice, but old habits die hard, and we’re willing to bet that you’ll be back to your makeup brushes and sponges in no time.

6. Anti-aging skin care devices

anti-aging skin device

There are less expensive and better ways. | Costco

Another beauty product that is a total waste of money? Anti-aging skin care devices, such as Silk ‘n BellaFace Anti-Aging Skin Device. In theory, these devices sound great. But, the reality is that there are far better — aka effective — ways to anti-age your complexion that cost less and won’t take up as much of your time.

7. Generic brand hair growth treatment

Hair regrowth treatment

Talk to your doctor about hair regrowth, instead. | Costco

When it comes to hair growth treatments, you’ll want to ensure you not only use one recommended by your doctor or dermatologist, but you want to steer clear from cheaper, generic brand treatments, such as the Kirkland Signature Hair Regrowth Treatment for Men. If you’re looking to regrow your hair, talk to a doctor about a supplement, instead.