Dated Fashion Trends From the 1980s That Totally Give Away Your Age

1980s fashion trends were over the top, to say the least. From the neon colors to the mix of patterns and prints, the crazier the outfit, the trendier it was. And while some of these fashion trends have come and gone over the years — and are even considered trendy today — there are a few that are a clear giveaway to your age.

Up ahead, we go over the top 1980s fashion trends that totally give away your age.

1. Shoulder pads

80s Fashion

Shoulder pads are a tell-tale sign that something is from the 80s. | Hulton Archive/Getty Images

While shoulder pads have made a comeback on the runway, they’re not exactly the most flattering to your age, especially if you’re wearing a jacket you’ve had in your closet for 30-something years.

2. Oversized tops with leggings

Debbie Harry, the American model and lead singer of the new wave band, Blondie, on stage.

It’s a classic 80s look. | Hulton Archive/Getty Images

Another popular 1980s fashion trend? Oversized tops and sweaters with colorful leggings. While colorful leggings may not be your thing, wearing an oversized sweater with a pair of black leggings can still be a clear indication of your age. Not to mention, oversized tops aren’t always the most flattering.

3. Large costume jewelry

Costume jewelry

Costume jewelry is simply overwhelming. | Pierre Guillaud/AFP/Getty Images

When it comes to 1980s fashion trends, large pieces of costume jewelry were all the rage. From chunky gold necklaces to bedazzling clip-on earrings, women traded in their fine jewelry for the most outrageous body ornaments they could find. And while you may have held onto some of your favorite pieces, it’s best to save them for playing dress-up with your daughter or granddaughter.

4. Stone-washed denim

Acid washed jeans

Just skip this one. | Bentaboe/iStock/Getty Images

Denim has seen a makeover in every decade. And, in the 1980s, it was all about the stone-washed. While you may have loved the trend 30 years ago, it’s not doing you any justice now.

Instead of dusting off your old stone-washed denim jacket, go for a more modern style in a light — yet solid — wash. You’ll still get the satisfaction of light denim without the obvious 1980s indication.

5. White heels

White heels

Those shoes are straight out of the 80s. | Pierre Guillaud/AFP/Getty Images

This shoe trend is starting to make a comeback. That said, if you’re concerned about your fashion habits giving away your age, you may want to reconsider nostalgically purchasing a pair.

6. Waist-cinching belts

Waist belt

There are ways to style it to make it look more modern. | Keystone/Hulton Archive/Getty Images

1980s fashion trends were all about the accessories., and one of the most popular ways to accessorize was with a waist-cinching belt. While you can still get away with wearing belts at the waist, there are a few styles you may want to reconsider: Wide waist-cinching belts and super skinny belts. Both scream 1980s.

7. Sequins

80s sequin dresses

Sequins themselves aren’t bad; it just depends how you wear them. | Staff/AFP/Getty Images

While sequins can be a fun way to dress up an outfit, they’re not the best option if you’re trying to dress more youthfully. A sequined hat, purse, belt, or even top can have an aging effect on an outfit. Instead of going full glam with the sequins, opt for a more subtle approach with sequined appliqués.

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