10 Dated Hair Styles That Give Away Your Age

Bad hair days are one thing, but when your ’do starts to give away your age, or worse, add on premature years, it’s time for a hair intervention. These 10 dated hair styles won’t do you any favors, so if you’re rocking any variation of them, it’s time to switch up your look for the better. Get a fresh new lease on life for your locks, and stop the mane madness. A fresher, more youthful appearance will be yours for the taking.

1. Short and stiff

Vietnamese woman

You’d be wise to cut back on the hair spray. | iStock.com/DragonImages

June Cleaver called and she wants her hair back. Gone are the days for hair — especially short hair — to be curled with hot rollers then sprayed stiff. It calls to mind an old-fashioned beauty parlor ’do that won’t move no matter which way the wind blows. Unmovable hair looks unnatural and it adds years to anyone’s actual age. And it’s not just a problem for short locks — any length can look way too artificially staid. Let those curls relax a bit, and give the hair spray a break.

2. Bouffant

3 women with 1950's styled hair

This style often ends up looking like it’s part of a costume. | iStock.com/azulox

Much in the same vein as the overly stiff hairdo, a bouffant circa 1950s is overly fixed and, frankly, rather frumpy. The full, puffed-out style — sometimes called a beehive for obvious reasons — is not just overdone, it’s dated and can add years to your face. Yes, there are some mod bouffant styles that have an edgy, cool-girl feel. But, they usually come with more of a high-fashion, editorial inspiration that can be challenging to translate to real life. For the most part, it’s best to stay away from the stilted hair pouf.

3. Mullet bob

Carol Brady

Carol Brady’s hair style should stay in the past. | Stringer/Getty Images

Carol Brady also called and she wants her hair back. As charming as the Brady Bunch matriarch was, her dated hair style should not be mimicked in any form. It can only be described as a mullet bob with a tail that flips out and curls at the ends. If you’ve found yourself with any form of a mullet (shorter in the front, longer in the back), get to the salon and scissor off the effect. Just go for a bob instead, or you might want to try a pixie.

4. Helmet head

American figure skater Dorothy Hamill

American figure skater Dorothy Hamill sported a memorable ‘do. | Tony Duffy/Getty Images

Here, we’re specifically referring to a certain style of cut. You may know it as a mushroom, mom bob, or something similar because it can look like a mushroom cap. Cue the Dorothy Hamill look — you know the one. No matter what you call it, though, it’s a dated cut that doesn’t use modern styling to highlight your features. Change the heavy, helmet-style look by adding texture and layers for movement.

5. Teased and dangerous

Young woman in punk look is wearing red tights and a white shirt in the 80s style.

You don’t want to look like you’re stuck in the ’80s.| iStock.com/runzelkorn

If you’re still ratting your hair on the daily, and teasing it to death, then it’s high time for a back-combing intervention. No one looks good with the fried, frizzy nature of the teased ’do. That’s not to say a little extra volume isn’t a good thing for hair. But, it’s important to stay on the flattering side of voluminous hair by using a round brush to lift the hair at the root as you blow-dry. For extra volume, you can use large rollers to create a bouncy finish.

6. Poodle perm

A throwback to the ’80s

Tight curls just look dated. | iStock.com/unimode

A throwback to the ’80s, tightly coiled (or even crimped) poodle hair is extremely dated. If you’re still getting perms of this style, do your hair a favor and put a stop to them. A more modern way to go is with a looser, relaxed variation of the curl or crimp, with beachy waves replacing the poodle inspiration.

7. French twist

French twist

The French twist might be classic, but it will give away your age. | iStock.com/klottese

Like the bouffant, a French twist is an up-do that comes with plenty of precautions. Wear one, and it’s likely to age you — no matter how many years you have to your name. While it’s a classic style, it can also look a bit matronly thanks to its more rigid quality. Fluidity and flexibility are often more youthful, so if you are going to wrap your hair into an updo of this sort, allow for some relaxed texture and a bit of messiness.

8. Tucked under

Retro style

This style is just a little too prim and proper. | iStock.com/GretaMarie

While curled-under or tucked-under ends have been used as a way to replicate short hair, they can also come across as dated. This retro style just isn’t the most flattering or youthful way to go. Again, it’s better to opt for a more relaxed, natural style.

9. Standard mullet

The ’80s hair style

Just say no to the mullet. | iStock.com/sundikova

While we’ve covered the mullet bob, this list wouldn’t be complete without a standard mullet included. The ’80s hair style, known for its business up front, party in the back, was particularly rampant among men. But women have also been known to wear some version of the dreaded short-to-long hair style. It can be difficult to immediately change the ‘do given the two drastically different lengths of hair and time needed to grow out the shorter layers, but it’s worth the wait.

10. Feathered bangs

The puffy, teased and feathered bangs

It’s time to give your bangs an update. | iStock.com/lisafx

While a certain variety of blunt bangs can add instant cool-girl appeal to a hair style, there’s another version of bangs that can do just the opposite. The puffy, teased and feathered bangs that were once so popular (and featured in multiple yearbook photos) are a relic of the past. If you still have feathery bangs, it’s time to have them reshaped into a more modern style of fringe.