Dress Effortlessly Cool Like Idris Elba With These 5 Style Tips

Idris Elba


Who doesn’t want to be the coolest guy in the room? However, you never want to be the guy who’s style comes off as trying too hard. Dressing effortlessly cool is a mix of feeling good in your clothes and wearing them the right way. For celebs like Idris Elba, giving off a cool appeal with little to any effort seems to be second nature. The idea is to not overthink it, although if you don’t know where to start check out the great reference tips below.

1. Stock up on plain basic tees

Looking cool doesn’t have to be expensive, adding a basic tee in a few different color options won’t break the bank! Avoid wearing t-shirts made from poor quality, they can really stand out when paired with more expensive items. This t-shirt from Topman offers a trim fit, so you will look less sloppy and more put together. Another great option is the Diesel cotton tee from Saks Fifth Avenue, adding a basic tee as a base layer is a great start to looking fashionable with little effort.

2. Add some edge with a dark pair of jeans

For a bit of edge, make sure to have a pair of jeans that are black or gray in your closet. It’s key that the jeans are in the right wash, so that they do not appear too gray or too black. You will want to avoid embellished details on the rear pockets like a bold stitch, buttons or extra fabric. A perfect reference are these slim fit jeans from Nudie Jeans. Make sure the jeans are not too baggy or too tight, going with a slouchy slim fit is an ideal combination.

3. Finish every outfit with a leather jacket

You can never go wrong with a leather jacket! This wardrobe staple has been helping gentlemen look cool for decades, just think of James Dean. Select a jacket with little design detail as possible, it will increase the chances of your leather being wearable for years to come. Cole Haan’s lambskin leather jacket has little detail and can be matched with just about any outfit.

4. Own the right pair of boots


Source: Nordstrom

There are a number of different style selections you can choose from when opting to add boots. The key is picking a pair with a clean look that can be dressed up or down. These laced combat boots from Nordstrom look good on any gentleman and will give you that effortlessly cool style you want.

5. Polish your look with a knit hat

This seems simple enough, but without the right fit you can end up looking like a middle schooler. Aim for a knit hat that has a bit of extra fabric on top, so you can achieve the perfect slouch effect. Make sure to include a basic black knit hat and another color for variety. Burgundy is the color of the season and can easily be paired with most looks.

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