Dress for the Job You Want With D. Jones Clothiers’ Drew Jones

dress-for-the-jobBehind every great man is a great … wardrobe. Yes, it’s true — at least when it comes to the handsomely clad, professionally accomplished chaps in our series, Dress for the Job You Want, which profiles more than a few good men who have proven that success is an equation of both substance and style.

They’ve cut their teeth in the fashion industry, climbed the corporate ladder, created their own companies, and conjured plenty of new ideas — and have looked damn good doing it. For these guys, dressing for the occasion is simply part of the gig.

But you don’t have to be a fully suited, buttoned-up show-off to stake your claim in the game, as suave subtlety often wins in the end. And, with our apologies to Mark Twain, it takes a lot more than just clothes to make the man. However, a good sartorial statement can go a long way when it comes to charting your career course.

Drew Jones

Drew Jones | Source: Drew Jones

Drew Jones, founder of D. Jones Clothiers, is on a mission to change the way men look at fashion — one detail at a time. Together with his team of style consultants, he builds wardrobes of the highest quality that are not just a perfect fit for the body, but also for his national and international clients’ unique personalities, occupations, and lifestyles.

In essence, at D. Jones, they want to help men tell their stories through their clothing, whether it be a luxe suit, a sharp tuxedo, or a completely custom wardrobe.

His company’s penchant for quality and a near-fanatical attention to detail is duly reflected in Jones’ own daily sartorial code. You could say dressing for the job is his job. Check out our recent conversation with this handsomely dressed style-maker.

Drew JOnes

Drew Jones | Source: Drew Jones

The Cheat Sheet: What is your background and what led you to your current profession?

Drew Jones
: After graduating from Texas A&M with a business degree, I moved to Asia and purchased my first custom suit. Intrigued by this industry, I took an exploratory tour of the custom clothing world — from Asia to Europe and back to the U.S. — and I was surprised to see some of the inferior fabrics and poor construction. I wanted to make something better, and thus the D. Jones Clothiers luxury menswear line was born.

Every one of our garments, whether an entire suit or just one shirt, is 100-percent bench-made custom using our patented 40-point measuring system, ensuring a perfect fit for each client we serve. We only employ the most talented and experienced tailors in order to achieve the most precise measurements possible and offer an unmatched level of service.

Drew Jones

Drew Jones | Source: Drew Jones

CS: Workday essentials for a man’s wardrobe?

DJ: Essentials vary between industries, but every business professional should have at least three suits, two sport coats, four pairs of slacks, and 12 dress shirts that he loves. To love your clothes, they must fit great and speak to your individual style.

Drew Jones

Drew Jones | Source: Drew Jones

CS: Why should all guys care about their personal style?

DJ: Whether he likes it or not, every man does have a personal style and a reputation; the way you look is a reflection of you as an individual. Anytime you meet someone new, he or she forms an opinion about you, even before you say a word. Looking like you care is powerful. If you care about yourself and your image, you will feel and appear more confident and capable. That’s simply the reality.

CS: Do you believe that success and good style go hand-in-hand?

DJ: There are some guys who just look the part, and there are some guys who are successful and you could never tell by the way they dress. That said, I’ve never improved a man’s wardrobe without seeing him improve personally and professionally as a result.

Drew Jones

Drew Jones | Source: Drew Jones

CS: Why do you think it’s important to dress nicely?

DJ: First impressions open doors; lasting impressions open relationships. Men who are always prepared should look as such, and that begins with dressing impeccably.

CS: Best style advice you’ve received?

DJ: Wear something that pushes the envelope just a bit.

CS: What are your “style cheats”?

DJ: Fit is more important than anything. Being overdressed is better than being under-dressed. A sport coat, slacks, and button-up can be worn anywhere and everywhere. And, finally, get professional advice if you aren’t sure about your style selections.

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