Dress in Black: 8 Top Fashion Picks for the Season

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Black is the new black. Seriously, black is a great color every man should have in his wardrobe. It’s slimming, modern, and never goes out of style. However, if you don’t wear it right, black can be blah instead of sharp. Here are eight black items that every man needs in his wardrobe. From basics to dressed up, and even accessories, here is the best of black this season.

1. Billy Reid Ernie Coats

Billy Reid jacket

Source: Billy Reid

Whether it is formal or casual, a proper overcoat looks good over everything you wear. If you want to wear a black coat, but are over the whole peacoat thing, check out Billy Reid’s Ernie Coat. The epitome of stylish, the black quilts and oversized collar set this piece of outwear apart from most. It is also double breasted, which is the cut of the season.

2. Skin Graft Motorcycle Jacket

If you are a good guy who wants to look bad, all you need is one thing: a motorcycle jacket. Skin Graft’s Motorcycle jacket is a true classic. Made of lambskin, it has a stretch satin lining, so it won’t feel too stiff. The collar also zips on and off, which makes it more versatile.

3. Club Monaco Slim-Fit Gingham Shirt


Source: Club Monaco

Black button down shirts can be incredibly harsh or worse, a dated look. Or a little too Johnny Cash for the average man… However, Club Monaco’s Slim-Fit Gingham shirt in black olive is the right balance. The cotton gingham fabric is more hipster (in a good way) than preppy. It is also machine washable.

4. Kit & Ace V-Tee

If you want to upgrade your common cotton t-shirts, especially for the cold winter, Kit & Ace has the perfect find for you. Its V-Tee is your not-so-average everyday t-shirt. It is made of a fabric exclusively developed by Kit & Ace called technical cashmere. Technical cashmere is made from a blend of cotton and cashmere, which makes it it more durable than your old school cashmere, but equally soft. Even better, it’s machine washable.

5. Barney’s New York Side Zip Boots

Source: Barneys New York

Black boots are so badass, especially these Side Zip Boots from Barney’s New York. Because of the hidden side zipper, these shoes are easier to put on and take off than your ordinary lace-up boots. You can even wear them to the airport without completely infuriating everyone behind you in the security line. Lined with leather and made in Italy, you’ll love to take out these boots every year.

6. Goorin Brothers Old Town Flat Cap

If you enjoy the comfort and convenience of a baseball cap, but want to look more stylish than sporty, check out Goorin Brothers’s Old Town Flat Cap. Lightweight (so your head won’t sweat), this hat can easily pull together an outfit that would otherwise be too causal. Think of it as a grownup version of the baseball cap.

7. Hugo Boss Black Slim-Fit Virgin Wool Suit

Source: Mr Porter

Hugo Boss’s Black Slim-Fit Virgin Wool suit is the perfect classic, yet modern black suit. Smartly designed, despite being slim-fit, the suit has some give, so it is easy to move around in.

8. John W. Nordstrom Quarter Zip Cashmere Sweater

Every man should have multiple cashmere sweaters in his wardrobe. It is impossible to actually have too many. They are perfect for the winter and work with everything from dress pants to jeans. Available exclusively at Nordstrom, this quarter zip sweater can dress down dress pants or make jeans and a t-shirt look more polished. As it is available in regular and tall sizes, there is not one man who cannot rock the quarter zip. It is also easy to bring to spring as outwear with jeans or khakis.

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