Dress Like Tom Brady With These Wardrobe Essentials

Tom Brady in a suit

Tom Brady in a suit | Spencer Platt/Getty Images

He just won the Super Bowl, again! It’s easy to say Tom Brady is the man to be, or at least model yourself after. As the quarterback for the New England Patriots, a husband, and father, Tom Brady has an arsenal of wardrobe essentials to complement each facet of his busy lifestyle. From three piece suits to workout attire, it’s important for him to look the part each and every day. If you are like Brady and have an athletic build, finding clothes that have a proper fit might be a challenge. At 6’4, he falls into the category of above average, so selecting tops and bottoms that aren’t too short rank as top priority. The athlete always opts for suits with a proper fit and cut that work well with his frame. He also appears to be knowledgeable when it comes to color coordination (but he might have his supermodel wife Gisele Bundchen to thank for that).

The football superstar definitely knows how to put together a fashionable look. Want to learn how to replicate his style? The tips below will help you make the right selections.


Attractive man wearing sunglasses

Attractive man wearing sunglasses | iStock.com

The fashion icon is a big fan of eyewear whether you actually need to wear glasses or want to sport them for fashionable purposes, it definitely adds a sense of sophistication to any look. Brady leans toward dark bold frames, incorporating them into his business casual style.

Brady layers

Dark blue formal mens suit

Dark blue formal mens suit | iStock.com/fotobyjuliet

Brady knows the importance of layering, he infuses this look into his wardrobe on a regular basis. The key to replicating this style is by making it look effortless. Try pairing simple sweaters in neutral colors with a button down shirt or basic t-shirt. With these simple tweaks you will be pulling this look off with ease. For variety, the athlete may include a patterned shirt underneath like a simple striped button down.

Red carpet style

Gisele Bundchen and Tom Brady at the Costume Institute Gala | Andrew H. Walker/Getty Images

Gisele Bundchen and Tom Brady at the Costume Institute Gala | Andrew H. Walker/Getty Images

If you are tall with broad shoulders like Brady, you want to select a suit that will complement your body type. Aim for and Updated American cut, this suit style is ideal for an athletic frame. Brady tends to stick to traditional looks for the red carpet, however from time to time he will incorporate a daring personal style by swapping out a traditional tuxedo jacket with a bold color like royal blue. What makes his style so desirable is that it’s clean, simple and effortless.

Pattern lover

Patterned suit jacket

Patterned suit jacket | iStock.com

Including simple prints like a checkered pattern or plaid fabric is a styling favorite for the fashion icon. Similar to Brady, you can weave this inspiration into a look either with a button down shirt or statement jacket. Both options pair nicely with a solid dark tie and a dark pair of slacks.

The perfect jacket

Man wearing a coat and scarf

Man wearing a coat and scarf | iStock.com

Brady has been seen wearing a number of different outerwear options depending on the occasion. Again you can’t go wrong with sticking to a simple design, opt for a dark colored waist length jacket. This jacket selection will make it easier to incorporate into your current wardrobe and goes well with just about anything. Definitely consider including a fancier option in addition to your everyday jacket. This will help to keep you looking polished when you are out on the town in Mr. Brady style.