10 Essentials Every Man’s Fall Wardrobe Needs

Men, it’s time to turn over a new leaf with your fall wardrobe and ensure that you make all the right sartorial statements this season. Make sure you check the box on these 10 classic items that will last you for many autumns to come.

1. Tailored wool suit

handsome young business man sitting on a white modern chair

Man in a tailored suit| iStock.com/feedough

‘Tis the season of the suit; the air is brisk enough to not have you sweating every time you leave your suit jacket on outside, and there is a mood of festive formality in the air — especially as the holidays inch closer and closer. Thus, a good wool suit is the foundation of your fall wardrobe. It can be worn not only as a suit, but you also get separate use of the blazer and trousers as part of the deal. A rich gray or a navy will be some of the most versatile hues to look for. Just remember: Sharp tailoring is paramount, here.

2. Leather bomber

Handsome serious beauty male model portrait wear leather jacket

Leather jacket | iStock.com/gmast3r

No, you don’t need to be a James Dean wannabe to rock a leather bomber — sometimes referred to as a moto jacket. The fair-weather coat has the cool factor you’re craving without any of the try-hard trendiness you want to avoid. Plus, it’s great for autumn-time when you don’t need a full coat. If a black version feels too “biker dude” for you, go for a medium brown. While it’s a casual statement piece for a jeans-and-henley weekend, don’t be afraid to throw one on over that sweater-and-chinos combo, instantly adding street cred to your workday.

3. Crewneck or V-neck sweater

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Man wearing a crewneck sweater | iStock.com/Halfpoint

Also getting top billing for being one of the most versatile items in your fall wardrobe, the crewneck or the V-neck sweater (whichever neckline you prefer) in a sturdy, neutral shade, such as navy, can be worn for pretty much any occasion — or with anything. It’s ideal for fall layering; wear it over an oxford shirt and top it with a scarf. Get one in cashmere for bonus points.

4. Peacoat

young bearded man in a pea coat and cap

Young bearded man in a peacoat and cap | iStock.com/unomat

A peacoat embodies the epitome of British tradition mixed with versatile sophistication. It’s appropriate no matter the day of the week, or the occasion, as it adds some handsome structure and tailoring to your look no matter what you’re wearing. To get the most bang for your pea coat buck, we recommend a double-breasted style with tonal buttons, all in a nice shade of deep navy or charcoal, which is less harsh than black and more hardy than a tan or beige hue. And, make sure it has a trim cut.

5. White oxford shirt

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Buying a shirt | iStock.com

Speaking of that oxford shirt, you’ll want to make sure you have a crisp white one (or two) in your closet. Yes, it’s basic, but it’s also a blank canvas that crosses effortlessly between dressy and casual. It’s a building block to your fall wardrobe, whether you wear it under that sweater with jeans or chinos or paired up with a business suit.

6. Knit tie

young man in in white shirt and red neck tie

Go for a knit instead of your usual silk | iStock.com/Art-Of-Photo

A knit tie is like the sweater version of your summer silk. Its rich, textural component makes it a style-forward and eye-catching accessory when the weather turns cooler. The knit texture is also great with stripes or patterns, so don’t be afraid to engage in a bit of contrast with your shirt or suit. For everything you need to know about the accessory, head to Gentleman’s Gazette

7. Cap-toe shoe

Black shoes of the groom

Black shoes | iStock.com/Vadven

While oxfords and loafers should already be a part of your daily wardrobe, the cap-toe shoe is one that you definitely need to add to your autumn dress code. This powerhouse of a semi-dress shoe pairs up perfectly with the polished suit-and-tie entrance. But, what we love, is they also play well with jeans and a cashmere sweater or blazer for a dressed-down look that still has plenty of panache.

8. Brown, black, or tan Chelsea boots

black leather boot

Chelsea boots | iStock.com/DrAbbate

You’ll need a pair of classic boots for fall, too, and there’s no better place to start than with the always-relevant Chelsea boot. Understated and comfortable yet smartly handsome, they will go the distance for you, whether you wear them with denim or put a slightly rugged, hipster spin on that suit. We love them in an earthy, natural brown hue for the most mileage and versatility, but black and tan are great options, as well.

9. Slim indigo jeans

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Try a slim cut for your next pair of jeans | iStock.com/AlexanderImage

If you’ve recently only gravitated towards skinny jeans, faded boot-cut varieties, or way too baggy pants, then it’s time to upgrade to a more decent pair of denim that will be versatile and classic enough to fit the bill for practically anything on your fall and winter calendar. Remember, no bedazzled butt pockets allowed.

10. Tuxedo jacket

attractive model in black tux

Tuxedo jackets are always sophisticated | iStock.com/feedough

We couldn’t round out this list without a bit of wow factor that’s also well-suited for any particularly festive holiday party. There’s nothing more suave and sophisticated than a tuxedo jacket. And, no, you don’t need the full tux on many occasions. Skip the bow tie and wear the jacket over a slim white shirt paired with dressy black jeans or tailored pants. Black Lapel has even more ideas for mixing and matching. You’ll turn many a head for all the right reasons.