5 Essentials All Men Need to Create an Effortless Look at Work

Heading to work in style isn’t that hard if you have key pieces in your wardrobe to put together daily looks. Opting for items that can easily be mixed and matched with other staples will not only help you save money but will allow you to create different looks with ease. Here are the must-haves you need in order to create effortless work attire looks.

1. Tops

shirts on hangars

Own a great collection of button-downs. | iStock.com

You can never have too many button-downs, especially designs in a basic dark to light color. These tops can be worn time and time again and are also great for incorporating into layered looks that consist of sweaters and blazers. Weave in a few options that may include a design or color — this can help give a simple look some life.

2. Slacks

Man wearing trousers

Make sure your trousers fit well. | iStock.com

Avoid being the employee that wears the same work trousers everyday. Unless your job requires or provides a uniform, this is most certainly a fashion “don’t.” Stick to having pairs of pants in traditional dark colors like black, navy, and brown. Neutral colors work as well: Lean toward tan or olive for this option. Stay away from pants that may have elaborate detailing or stitching. It’s best to go with options that have a straight leg cut and incorporate a timeless design instead of anything too fashion-forward.

3. Layering options

Man in a suit

Wearing great layers will instantly enhance your look. | iStock.com

It’s essential to have a few layering options in your closet. Have a selection of plain sweaters and a few with a fun design on hand. Keep in mind prints and patterns are great for showcasing your personal style but often can’t be worn as frequently as items in traditional solid colors. If you are looking to incorporate a bit of variety, showcase this through your accessories like a tie, a pair of socks, or even a belt.

4. Shoes

Rows of shoes

Always buy dark shoes. | iStock.com

Depending on your work environment, you can probably get away with having only one pair of shoes like a basic pair of oxfords. Avoid shiny shoes or colorful laces; this makes it harder to match with everyday looks. Lean toward dark colors like brown and black to get the most wear out of these shoes. Another option would be a pair of boots. These work especially well during the colder months and can be woven into your casual wardrobe with ease. Again, opt for darker shoe selection so that you can mix and match with different pants.

5. Accessories

Men's accessories | iStock.com

Accessories will add character to your outfit. | iStock.com

Don’t be afraid to accessorize. So many men don’t take advantage of this fashion must-have. Make sure to have a belt in at least two colors, ideally black and brown, though tan is also acceptable. If you prefer something out-of-the-box, look for an eye-catching belt buckle. Just make sure to avoid options that might be too over-the-top. Another accessory to consider is a nice statement watch. Make sure to avoid bands that might include too much color. Lean toward black or silver watches with a simple face; this will make it seamless when pairing your timepiece with daily work attire.