9 Eye Shadow Colors Every Woman Has to Try

Eye shadow palettes are a great value for your money, but it’s highly likely you only use a few of your favorite shades, completely neglecting the rest of the options. To make sure you aren’t settling for a palette’s pre-selected assortment of colors, it’s worth collecting individual eye shadow shades that are completely your style. Read on to see which gorgeous shadows every woman should add to her collection.

1. Make Up For Ever Prussian Blue: $21

Make Up For Ever M-240 Prussian Blue Eyeshadow

Make Up For Ever Prussian Blue | Sephora

It’s tough to find a dramatic eye shade that doesn’t give the impression you’re wearing costume makeup. Fortunately, Make Up For Ever has you covered. Their eye shadow products are highly blendable for a more natural look. This Prussian Blue has cool blue and steely grey hues that will turn heads for all the right reasons. 

2. Urban Decay Desperation: $19

Urban Decay ‘Desperation’ Eyeshadow

Urban Decay Desperation shadow | Ulta

Urban Decay is known for its highly pigmented eye colors, and Desperation is no exception. This gray has lovely taupe undertones and a matte finish. Don’t let the name of this eye shadow put you off — you’ll only be desperate to get your hands on another when you run out.

3. Kat Von D Black No. 1: $21

Kat Von D Eyeshadow Black No. 1

Kat Von D Black No. 1 | Sephora

Kat Von D’s eye shadow shades span every color of the rainbow, and her range is formulated to provide maximum pigment. This means a purple shade will be almost offensively vibrant. Black No. 1, however, is a special exception. This deep, mossy green is ideal for anyone who wants to add subtle color to their collection. No neon here.

4. Nars Callisto: $29

Nars ‘Callisto’ Eyeshadow

Nars Callisto eye shadow | Sephora

Nars’ shadows are famous for never creasing (especially when applied on top of a primer), and you can use them as dry powders or creams. We especially like Callisto, an icy pink with hints of silver. This versatile color can easily stand alone, or you can blend it out by pairing it with just about any other hue.

5. Buxom Patent Leather: $12

Buxom ‘Patent Leather’ Eyeshadow

Buxom Patent Leather | Sephora

Buxom’s Patent Leather eye shadow is the perfect sparkling, blackberry color for anyone who wants to achieve a glamorous smokey eye. Like all of Buxom’s eye shadows, it’s primer-infused and powerfully pigmented, so you never have to worry about the color fading as you wear it. You’ll find this eye shadow feels even better than it looks, as it glides on smoothly.

6. Stila Comex Copper: $32

Stila ‘Comex Copper’ Eye shadow

Stila eye shadow | Sephora

Metallic eye shadows are a necessity in every woman’s makeup collection, and this Comex Copper shade from Stila is truly the holy grail of metallics. By applying the accompanying Stay All Day Liquid Eye Primer, you can build the perfect foil finish that’s long-lasting and opaque.  

7. Bobbi Brown Bone: $28

Bobbi Brown ‘Bone’ Eye shadow

Bobbi Brown eye shadow | Sephora

Cream eye shadows are an incredible solution for anyone who needs to ensure their eye makeup will last all day. Bobbi Brown’s award-winning, Long-Wear Cream Shadow in Bone provides super adhesion to eyelids, and goes on with a soft, velvety finish. This matte eye shadow is water-resistant, meaning you don’t have to worry about sweat, humidity, or rain ruining your look. Plus, this shade is perfect for any occasion.

8. Dior Reveuse: $31

Dior ‘Reveuse’ Eye shadow

Dior Reveuse eye shadow | Sephora

Dior’s Reveuse is a stunning eye color with a weightless finish. This metallic blue is light-reflecting and instantly brightens your peepers. Instead of applying it all over your lid, use the applicator to create a blue cat eye. This look will enhance absolutely any eye color.

9. Tarte Pin-Up: $14

Tarte ‘Pin-Up’ eye shadow

Tarte Pin-Up | Sephora

Every woman needs a pearly eye shadow in her collection, so go for Tarte’s Tarteist Metallic Shadow in Pin-Up. It’s the perfect white to use as a base, and it’ll quickly become one of your staple shadows.