Tired? 10 Ways to Fake Full Night’s Sleep With Your Beauty Routine

In a perfect world, you’d go to bed early, clock in eight glorious hours of sleep, and have enough time in the morning to exercise, read the news, and make yourself a traditional breakfast before you leave for the office. In reality? You’re up ’til the early hours watching random cat videos (or is that just us?), hit the snooze button a few too many times, and scarf down a protein bar on the way to the office.

You didn’t get enough sleep and, to make matters worse, you look exhausted. We already showed you several easy ways to streamline your morning routine, and now we’re giving you the low-down on how to fake a good night’s sleep. Have a look.

1. Use white eyeliner

Woman applying eyeliner on eye

White eyeliner will make your eyes pop. | iStock.com/Sasiistock

By now, you probably have your eye makeup routine down pat: A sweep of neutral eye shadow, a thin trace of liner, and add a few coats of mascara. Adding an extra step to your routine may sound superfluous  — especially when all you want to do is go back to bed — but it’ll really make a difference. When most of us get minimal shut-eye, our peepers look completely bloodshot.

To make those tired eyes look less, well, tired, add some white eyeliner to your waterline. According to xoVain, this small tweak to your beauty routine can make your eyes look bigger (aka appear more awake). Yes, it’s that easy.

2. Curl your lashes

eyelash curler and other tools

Try using a lash curler to add extra definition. | Pixabay

While you’re at it, you might want to curl your eyelashes, too. Slightly upturned lashes can make you look more alert and energized. But not all eyelash curling methods are created equal. According to O, The Oprah Magazine, you can score the best results when you apply the curler at your lashline, middle of your lashes, and at the very ends.

3. Take a cold shower

Woman taking a cold shower.

A cold shower will wake you right up. | iStock.com

If you’re able to squeeze a quick shower in before heading to the office, you might want to consider cranking the knob toward cool. Not only will an icy shower give you the jolt of energy you need after a sleepless night, but Allure reports it also kick-starts your skin’s circulation and can have a toning effect for your face. Plus, cold hair can appear shiny, and a healthy bed of hair screams, “I slept eight hours last night.”

4. Add blush

Makeup artist applying blusher

Blush will brighten your face. | iStock.com/IngaIvanova

It’s no secret that minimal sleep can wreak havoc on your skin. You become more prone to blemishes, plus your skin looks discolored and lifeless. To cure the latter, try blending some blush on the apples of your cheeks. “Blush is a secret weapon for looking less tired than we feel,” beauty editor Romy Soleimani told Yahoo Beauty“Applying a rosy blush to your cheeks will instantly give your complexion some healthy, natural color.” For a color that works wonders without looking costumey, we recommend opting for a shade that’s a few shades brighter than your normal complexion.

5. Pile on the moisturizer

woman applying moisturizer on face

A good moisturizer will brighten and nourish your skin. | iStock.com/gpointstudio

Any skin care fanatic will tell you that slathering on some moisturizer can brighten your skin, improve elasticity, and give you that youthful glow you’ve been searching for. But it also comes in handy when you’re in need of a good night’s sleep. Not only can it nourish your skin with all those vitamins, which is necessary after a long night, but it can also help minimize the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

6. Swipe on a powerful lip

female mouth with red lipstick

A bold lip will draw attention from your sleepy eyes. | iStock.com/Mendelex_photography

Looking for an effortless way to add some more pizzazz to your outfit? Try a bold lip. While it’s the perfect finishing touch any given day, a bold lip can take the attention away from your tired face and skin after a sleepless night. When it comes to selecting the perfect color to revitalize your look, the sky’s the limit. But if you want an option you can share with your best friend and roommate, have a look at these universally flattering shades.

7. Concealer is an asset

Makeup concealer pencil

Concealer combined with other makeup can work wonders. | iStock.com/pogrebkov

Admittedly, dabbing concealer under your eyes will only do so much. But when paired some other makeup tips and tricks, it’s the perfect finishing touch. But be careful when selecting a shade for your skin. While you do want to brighten up those dreary bags, makeup artist Molly R. Stern told Allure that anything too light will make you look like a raccoon.

In our opinion, a shade slightly lighter than your complexion is a safe bet. For the perfect finishing touch, Stern recommends you sprinkle finishing powder on top of the concealer.

8. Opt for a light shadow

Set of professional brushes for a make-up of eyes

A light shadow will help hide your tired eyes. | iStock.com/Bubbers13

Chugging four cups of coffee may help you feel more awake, but you’ll still look tired. So whatever you do, we encourage you to step away from that smokey eye palette. You’ll look like you just came to work from the club, and it’ll only emphasis those under-eye bags. Alternatively, layering a neutral shadow on your lids is less dramatic and, when paired with concealer, can give you the illusion of a healthy, natural glow.

9. Highlight your brows

Eye woman eyebrow eyes lashes

Your eyebrows are the frame of your face. | iStock.com/utkamandarinka

At The Cheat Sheet, we’re big proponents of investing in your eyebrows. Not only do they anchor your face, but they’re also one of the first things a person will notice about you. As a bonus, a well-maintained set of brows could be just the thing to fake a full night’s rest. O, The Oprah Magazine argues nicely groomed brows will take away the attention from your puffy under eyes. You should get your brows tweezed, waxed, or threaded on a regular basis, but if you’re looking to add a subtle finishing touch, emphasize them with a brow pencil or pomade.

10. Stay hydrated

Woman's Hand Pouring Fresh Pure Water From Pitcher

If all else fails, drink water. | iStock.com/puhhha

Don’t want to splurge on some new cosmetics? We don’t blame you. Instead, the secret to faking a full night’s sleep may lie in your fridge. While it’s important to drink eight glasses of water any day, it’s especially imperative when you didn’t sleep very long the night before. “When you are tired your face needs hydration, so drink lots of water throughout the day!” Nicole Bryl, a celebrity makeup artist, told StyleCaster. So, grab a water bottle before you leave the house, and make it a point to refill it multiple times throughout the day.

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