Farrah Abraham, Kendall Jenner, and 4 Other Stars Who Suffered Wardrobe Malfunctions in Cannes

Celebrity wardrobe malfunctions are inevitable, yet it seems the 2018 Cannes Film Festival in the south of France was riddled with them. Perhaps one of a celebrity’s worst nightmares, experiencing a wardrobe malfunction usually means the cameras caught it. Take a peek at these seven celebrity’s major malfunction moments. 

1. Michelle Rodriguez’s major side-boob

Michelle Rodriguez cannes

Hopefully she had some tape on there. | Michelle Rodriguez via Instagram

A little side-boob can go a very long way, but Michelle Rodriguez went above and beyond with her low-backed, burgundy silk number. The 39-year-old hit the red carpet for an event by “De Grisogono,” but she probably could have left a little more to the imagination.

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2. ‘Teen Mom’ Farrah Abraham exposes way too much

A little gust of wind blew open her dress. | Farrah Abraham via Instagram

Even though it remains unclear why ‘Teen Mom’ veteran Farrah Abraham was even at the Cannes Film Festival, one thing is crystal clear — she went commando under her red carpet gown. The high slit of her gold gown blew wide open with a little assistance from the wind, exposing her nether regions. Luckily, Abraham light-heartedly brushed it off when she shared on her Instagram feed saying that Cannes had its “Farrah-Share of fashion.”

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3. Kendall Jenner’s see-through travel pants

Kendall Jenner cannes airport

Her pants were made sheer by the flashes. | StormShadowCrew via Youtube

Everyone likes to fly in comfort, especially when it comes to a transatlantic flight. Kendall Jenner, however, took it to the next level. Upon landing in Nice for Cannes, Jenner was inundated with the usual paparazzi stampede, but this time the flash of the camera went straight through Kendall’s comfy travel leggings. Luckily for Kendall, she was wearing undergarments.

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4. Petra Nemcova’s silk dress snafu

Petra Nemcova wardrobe malfunction Cannes

At least she had a sense of humor about it. | Alberto Pizzoli/AFP/Getty Images

Nothing puts an ensemble to the test like a good gust of wind, and Petro Nemcova is now well-aware of Mother Nature’s power. While sashaying down the Cannes red carpet for the premiere of “BlacKKKlansman,” Nemcova’s gorgeous white silk dress was taken by the wind, exposing her flesh-toned undies. Nemcova continued to navigate the red carpet with her unruly dress in tow.

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5. Kristen Stewart’s barefoot escapade

Kristen Stewart takes off her shoes on Cannes red carpet

She was over those heels. | Valery Hache/AFP/Getty Images

The struggle is real when it comes to grinning and bearing the pain that comes with a stiletto heel, and Kristen Stewart simply was not having it. During the red-carpet grind at the “BlacKKKlansman” premiere, she bent down, slipped her black stilettos right off of her feet, and proceeded normally with bare feet.

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6. Bella Hadid’s 2017 Cannes malfunction

Bella Hadid wardrobe malfunction at Cannes

Whoops. | Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images

Mega supermodel Bella Hadid experienced her own wardrobe malfunction at the 2017 Cannes Film Festival. As she posed and strutted down the red carpet, Hadid’s light pink gown just would not behave itself. Numerous photos were snapped of Hadid’s nude-colored undies.

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7. Bella Hadid’s red dress run

Bella Hadid wardrobe malfunction

The dress was extremely complicated to move in. | Valery Hache/AFP/Getty Images

Perhaps it was less of an accident and more of a statement that Hadid made with her 2017 Cannes wardrobe choices. While traipsing down the red carpet in her stunning red dress, Hadid exposed, yet again, her matching red undergarments. From what we can tell, this was no accident.

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