Fashion 101: How to Look Good (and Be Comfortable) in the Cold

Incorporating warmer pieces into your wardrobe doesn’t have to be the same each year. Adding a bit of variety each season, will not only keep your look fresh but will also keep your style from becoming stale. Ideally your look should have a few of the current trends woven in. On the flip side, you want to make sure you have pieces that can be reintroduced next season as well. There are several difficult decisions you may need to make on a daily basis, don’t let your wardrobe choices be one of them! Here are a few suggestions you can start implementing today.

Wearable runway trends

Quarter Zip Waffle Knit Pullover

Source: Nordstrom

Many runway looks can rarely be incorporated into everyday styling however they do provide a good sense of inspiration. Burgundy is a hot color this season, seeking a pullover or zip-up hoodie sweater in this color is one step in the right direction. This knit pullover from Nordstrom can easily be added as a layering piece. Another popular color this season is brown, you most likely have several brown items already infused in your wardrobe. Try pairing a brown pair of pants with a burgundy sweater to update your look. Shearling detail is a must this season for men, opt for including outerwear with modest a detail. A good example is the Penston Wool Jacket with a faux shearling collar. This coat is ideal for several different types of occasions throughout the season.

Stick to layers

Quilted Down Jacket

Source: Nordstrom

Layering is not about just piling on several items of clothing, but it’s about how to do it right. Thinking outside the box may seem uncomfortable at first, but it will leave you looking fashionable and warm! Try doubling up coats — pick a thinner coat for the base layer matched with something a tad bit heavier. The Nau Quilted Down Jacket from Nordstrom is a great option.

The perfect boots

Boysen Waterproof Boot

Source: Nordstrom

Opt for durable shoes that will keep your feet warm and will hold up throughout the season. The Ugg’s Australia Boysen Chukka Boot are a great option for looking put together when there is snow outside. When selecting other styles of boots, stick to designs that are more sleek and less bulky. Avoid fur-top detailing and chunky laces in order to get more wear out of them. The Toe Boot from Ugg’s and the Desert Boot from Clarks are easy to dress up or down.

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