Fashion Advice: 8 Ways to Figure Out Your Personal Style

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Figuring out your personal style is an elusive sort of beast. It can be hard to nail down the exact look you’re going for, but it should match your personality and your outlook on life. Here is your quick and easy Cheat Sheet to discovering the perfect style for you.

1. Find your icon (or a few and mesh them all together)

It will be hard to find just one person’s style that hits the nail on the head and defines you. Most people are a mix — are you a nerd who can’t resist the motorcycle lifestyle look? Mesh it together to fit you. Dress to represent a little bit of everything you like, but find out who your main influencers are and look to them for style inspiration.

2. Label it

Sounds weird and almost silly, but pick out a few key words that you feel are true to your style. Is your look edgy, scruffy, modern, or classic? Keep these words in mind when physically piecing your outfits together. Write them down if you need to and refer back when possible.

3. Snap a selfie

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But don’t share it on social media. This is for your own personal reference. If you happen to really like your look for the day, take a photo and refer back to it so you can go back and copy different versions of it. You’ll never again have to second guess what looks good on you and what works once you see it photographed.

4. Choose a signature piece

James Dean had his leather jacket, Elvis had his jumpsuits, and Johnny Depp has his vests. All stylish people have a signature item that becomes part of their style identity. Yours can be a piece of clothing or an accessory that you build your outfits around.

5. Take note of repeat offenders

Do you have a closet full of black tees? There is a reason your closet has an excess of certain items: You purchase these items again and again because they make you feel happy, good, and comfortable. Think of these items as your style sweet spot. As long as your favorite type of clothes flatters you and works for your current style — stick with it. Maybe it’s your signature staple. Say good bye to other clothing that you don’t feel fits your style mold.

6. Identify the odd piece out

Take a look in your closet and you may notice a few pieces here and there that don’t fit with the overall vibe of your closet. Is there a bright green shirt hanging around in a sea of darker colors — that’s your outlier. This piece may represent a style that you like, but aren’t fully comfortable with trying. Consider tossing it. Or if you’re trying to evolve your look or try something new, then pull it out and find a way to work it into your look.

7. Know your strengths

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Whether you’re muscular and have broad shoulders, or you’re carrying around a little extra weight in the middle, find clothes that flatter you. Accentuate the positives, and play down your soft spots. Be accepting of who you are. Which leads us to…

8. Know thyself

Trust your instincts, wear what makes you feel good, and be the best version of yourself. You know what you like, and who you are — embrace it and let your style flow in that direction.

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