Fashion Don’ts: 16 Clothing Items That You Need to Burn

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Every day, magazines, movies, style experts, and your social circles all dictate, in one form or another, what you should wear. With each passing season your closet swells with once-trendy clothing you’ll never wear. But what if those metallic sneakers are in next season? What if gangster fedoras become all the rage?

Take a look in your closet and drawers. There are definitely items that you should never wear again. Yes, the clothing might be in good condition, but that doesn’t mean you should wear it. In fact, here are 16 clothing items you should never, ever wear under any circumstances.

1. Gym shorts that are way too short

If you’re still wearing the same gym shorts that you did in junior high, it’s time to toss them out and get ones that fit.

2. Oversized sweaters

Anything oversized for men went out in the ’80s. This includes sweaters. Skip them, or better yet, donate them to Goodwill.

3. Motivational fitness T-shirts

Motivation is great, as is working out. But you probably don’t need to broadcast your love for exercise to the world.

4. Beer-branded straw hats

Hats advertising Corona and Budweiser should be reserved for party favors or sponsored events. They should not, however, be used to actually shield your head from the sun.

5. Hawaiian shirts

Hawaiian shirt

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If you don’t live in Hawaii, you should not have Hawaiian shirts hanging in your closet.

6. Ironic T-shirts that nobody understands

I know you think they’re funny and your friends may even find them to be humorous, but everyone else? Not impressed.

7. Pinstripe fedora

You’re not a 1920s gangster — let’s leave this look for actors starring in mobster-themed movies.

8. Pajama pants in public

It’s the ultimate look in man-child wear, especially if they’re Star Wars patterned. You’re not in college anymore. Leave these pants for lazy days when you don’t leave the house.

9. Stacks of bracelets

Johnny Depp is the only man who can pull off numerous bracelets. Plus: Do you really want to spend time stacking bracelets every morning? Think of all the time you’ll save when you cease and desist.

10. A huge scarf

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Something that didn’t even work on rock ‘n’ roll style king Lenny Kravitz will not work on any other man. There are much better and stylish ways to tackle the cold weather than being choked by a scarf that King Kong could don.

11. Cloth belts that hang down

Wear a belt that fits; plain and simple. It should not look like you’re wearing a karate belt.

12. Tall socks with shorts

If you’re wearing shorts, don’t wear knee-high socks. Instead, opt for a pair that hits at the ankles.

13. Untailored suit trousers

Tailoring your clothes is a must! Clothes that are too big and don’t fit right aren’t going to look good.

14. Anything with cargo pockets

Forget the “you can carry a lot” excuse when wearing clothing with cargo pockets. Unless you’re legitimately going camping, drop those babies off at the thrift store.

15. Baggy board shorts

Do not wear these anywhere but in the water.

16. Anything neon

You’re not going to a rave. No one needs to be noticed or stand out that badly.

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