Fashion Don’ts: 5 Men’s Fashion Trends That Women Hate

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Fashion is about meshing timeless classics with subdued trends, and making them work for your personal style. It’s the reason we have men’s fashion magazine and sites, which are dedicated to helping men look and feel their best. But sometimes, men latch onto trends that are just so wrong. These are trends that might look cool initially, but just don’t work — and never will.

Some trends are so horrific they have the ability to make women want to run in the other direction. If you’re hoping to attract — and not scare away — the ladies, here are five trends that you should absolutely avoid.

1. Earrings

A single stud on a man who has a little bit of attitude is doable. Anything else is not. Too many men have worn or still wear hoops, two studs, or even cartilage piercings. If you like wearing jewelry or accessories, please opt for anything other than earrings.

2. Fedoras

First, please note: Not all fedoras are created equal. If paired correctly and classically with a suit or casual outfit, you may be able to get away with wearing it. Most men, however, wear it incorrectly by pairing it with an ironic t-shirt and jeans. If you must wear an ironic t-shirt (which we don’t recommend), please skip the fedora.

3. Super skinny jeans

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Don’t get us wrong: Tight jeans can be amazing on the right man, as long as they’re not too skinny and too tight. The line must be drawn if they’re so tight that they leave little to the imagination.

4. Flat caps

You are neither a farmer nor are you above the age of 70. Even if you happened to be one or both of those things, you still shouldn’t be wearing a flat cap. For whatever reason, the flat cap makes you look old, short, and like you have no idea what to do with your hair.

5. Baggy clothes

At one point in time, around the early ’90s, baggy clothes were “it.” Jeans were worn almost around your ankles, because they were so big, and shirts looked like they swallowed you whole. This wasn’t an ideal look when it first popped up, and it certainly isn’t now. Please, if you are wearing oversized shirts and pants, throw them out. Women like when clothes actually fit you.

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