Fashion Do’s and Don’ts This Holiday Season

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The holiday season affords you the ability to get creative with your wardrobe. However, you don’t want to be someone whose style choices warrant questionable looks. From donning casual threads for Sunday Night Football to getting fancy for a cocktail party, don’t get caught with a drab wardrobe this season.  

As the holiday party invitations roll in, think about how you’ll make your best first impression. If good style isn’t your forte, try heeding some advice from the experts.

Jeremy Barnett, CEO and founder of Trendy Butler, a men’s fashion subscription box service, knows that dressing your best can be an intimidating and overwhelming task. Don’t stress. Stay ahead of this year’s holiday fashion trends with Barnett’s 12 wardrobe do’s and don’ts.


1. Layer up: The holiday season is an opportunity to utilize three or four layers of clothing using the short/long/short/long layering process as your governing rule.

2. Get a “money in the bank” jacket: A black leather jacket with a hoodie underneath paired with dark jeans and white sneakers is just money.

3. Earthy colors are in this season: Colors such as olive, chocolate brown, black, navy, forest green, and crimson easily complement the environmental changes brought by fall and winter.

4. Dust off that suit: Get that special suit ready to rock. If it needs a little tweaking, take it to a trusted tailor and make sure the fit is still on point.

5. Accessorize: Barnett defines this as bright socks, pocket squares, and scarfs. Plan ahead. If you find it challenging to recognize what’s stylish, try getting inspiration from your trusted Instagram feed. You can find hundreds of fashion icons for outfit inspiration.

6. Be ready for sweater weather: An amazing sweater that is soft, beyond soft, the definition of soft, will be a killer conversation piece. Match it with some jeans and keep it simple.

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1. T-shirts are off-limits: Unless it’s under a special jacket, wearing a T-shirt to a holiday party guarantees a lonely evening.

2. Stay away from white pants: Besides the red wine that will surely get spilled on them, you’ll appear out of season and out of touch.

3. Loud sweaters can be fun, but don’t overdo it: Leopard prints on men should never happen. And always get a second opinion on your loud sweater choice. If your significant other says, “No,” that should the end of story.

4. Don’t tuck your pants into your boots: This “style” has passed on to its grave. If you still do this, you have your fashion education cut out for you.

5. Put away old and worn-out shoes: In some weird universe, it has become stylish to wear old sneakers. Not this world. Your sneakers should pull your outfit together, ensuring you look your best from top to bottom.

6. Color is out: Dare to don white, aqua, light green, peach, yellow, orange, or purple, and dare to walk alone.

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